Streaming tips #20 – the latest Ant-Man, McGregor and LEGO Dreamzz

With the Streaming tips As FWD editors, we look at the new offerings of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, SkyShowtime and Disney +. If services such as Apple TV and Videoland also have something cool in that week, we will also report it. Many tips are based on preference, but we also pay attention to things like popularity or a specific niche. As a result, many different types of films, cartoons, series and documentaries are discussed. If you have any streaming tips from the past week, please share them in the comments!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Disney+)

The first movie in the new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe belongs to Ant-Man. Paul Rudd and co are back together to portray these superheroes, but more importantly, we get to see a little more of the play’s big villain: Kang the Conqueror for the first time. A very entertaining film that introduces you in a rather light-hearted way to this new phase of Marvel’s films.

Spy/Master (HBO Max)

HBO Max comes with a new series set during the Cold War. An adviser to the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu is secretly also an agent of the Russian KGB. He has to flee before he is discovered and it seems to him a good idea to come to the United States via Germany. Fortunately, he gets help from an ex and an undercover Stasi agent. In short, an exciting adventure awaits this advisor/spy.

Modern Love Chennai (Amazon Prime Video)

One of Amazon Prime Video’s biggest successes is Modern Love, a series of stories about love, sex and relationships based on a famous column. They are extremely beautiful records of the many facets involved in love and a star cast has been found to translate all that into a series. There is also a Dutch version, but now a Chennai variant is also being added. It will be great fun again.

McGregor Forever (Netflix)

Netflix has come up with something beautiful for fight fans this week: in McGregor Forever we follow UFC fighter Conor McGregor in his career. He is quite a portrait and that makes this an extra interesting series to watch. How is someone who is crazy enough to go into the octagon every time in real life?

LEGO Dreamzzz (Netflix)

For children, Netflix also has something fun this week, namely a brand new series from LEGO. In LEGO Dreamzz, a group of kids join a club to create wonderful things through their imaginations in a dream world. This way they can help other children who have to contend with the Nightmare King in their sleep. A sweet story about dreams and nightmares, which is of course also fun for adults to watch as always.

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