Soup of asparagus peels: that’s how you make it!

Every Tuesday we share the best tips & tricks for as little waste as possible in your kitchen. Because why throw away food when you can also make something delicious with it? That is good for your wallet and the environment. Today we share how to make soup from asparagus peels.

The asparagus season is in full swing. At this time of the year, we prefer to get the white gold every week to make the most delicious recipes with asparagus. But before you can get started, you must first clean the asparagus. You probably also know that it is best to cut the bottom off and peel off the outer layer. But did you know that you should never throw away asparagus peels? You can make soup very well from this. Read on to find out how to do this.

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Asparagus soup

Eating a lot of asparagus produces a lot of peels and cut ends, which thankfully disappear in the soup. Because asparagus peels are the perfect basis for a delicious broth. This makes it a shame to throw them away. In the basic recipe for making asparagus soup, we boil the skins in water. Then we let this steep for quite some time to get a powerful broth. The longer you wait, the more flavor your broth will get. Does the soup taste good? Then it’s time to strain out the husks. These are too hard and stiff to eat. What you’re left with is a clear and tasty base for soup. You can drink the soup of the asparagus peels as is, but also use it as a basis for other dishes such as creamy asparagus soup, risotto or various sauces.

Freeze stock

Do you want to enjoy the taste of asparagus a little longer? Then it is smart to freeze your homemade soup of asparagus peels. Concentrated broth takes up less space, so it is best to boil the broth down first. Also handy: pour the concentrated broth into an ice cube tray and freeze. This way you always have your homemade ‘bouillon cubes’ in stock. Broth can be kept for three months in the freezer. This way you can also go ahead after spring. That’s nice because asparagus is only in season for a short time.

Asparagus soup recipe

Do you want to get started with the broth right away? Then you can turn it into an even tastier soup in no time. For example, in this recipe we use whole asparagus for an extra rich taste. In addition, cream is added to the soup and delicious toppings like eggs, chives and cooked ham. Do you prefer to add salmon chips? No problem! With this basic recipe you can vary widely and make the asparagus soup to your own taste.

> to the recipe: asparagus soup

asparagus soup

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