SnackTastic DUO, a double airfryer for lots of cooking pleasure

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I can admit that we use an airfryer every day. Our current model has therefore been around for years and is used daily for a healthy meal. Homemade sweet potato fries, rösti and even lasagna are made in no time with our great friend. Multifunctional, flexible and energy efficient thanks to 2 separate baskets. The discovery of the model below certainly aroused our curiosity.

Double air fryer

The double airfryer SnackTastic® 8180 DUO from the Belgian quality brand FRITEL offers many options and flexibility to quickly prepare the tastiest meals or snacks. In the modern family, no day or week is the same: one time you cook large portions (then you use both baking baskets), and the other time you only cook for two (then one basket is sufficient). With our hockey playing children ideal for preparing smaller portions.

Thanks to the double capacity, you can prepare full meals in no time with the SnackTastic DUO – for example, vegetables and potatoes in one basket, and meat or fish in the other (with adjusted preparation time) – but also different snacks for the garden party or poolside this summer. This is quite an ingenious invention.

Save time and energy

Because both baskets are operated separately, you can use the double airfryer SnackTastic DUO never more energy than necessary. And let’s love saving and saving tip. Moreover, you can easily leave this airfryer alone while it bakes (there is an ‘auto shut off’ protection). In the meantime, you can have extra time without any worries spend time with your family or your guests, or enjoy the beautiful summer evenings for longer. The ideal tool for cozy family gatherings or friends who pop in unexpectedly!


The digital display of the SnackTastic DUO has 8 pre-programmed functions: for fresh fries, frozen fries, chicken, frozen snacks, cupcakes, steak, fish and for pizza. You can also personalize programs yourself. For example, if you often prepare the same dish, you can program the temperature and cooking time.

In addition, you can heat up, keep warm or defrost at the touch of a button. The’sync‘ button ensures that your dishes are ready at the same time in both baskets – even if they require different preparation times and temperatures.

The biggest advantages of a double airfryer at a glance:

  1. No oven or stove required, after all, we would like to reduce our gas consumption
  2. Do not dirty pots or pans
  3. Multifunctional, baskets are separately adjustable and energy efficient
  4. Easy and fast
  5. Do other things in the meantime or enjoy the extra time

Selling price double airfryer: €229.99 | Inspiration and recipes:


The 100% Belgian family business FRITEL was founded in 1991 and is the market leader in the field of kitchen appliances for the private market in our country. As the only European electrical manufacturer with its own development department, FRITEL has something for everyone. From starters to families to professionals. These are innovative kitchen appliances where design, multi-functionality, ease of use and maintenance, and safety are paramount. In the Netherlands, FRITEL products are available through Blokker,, Coolblue and, among others.

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