Small garden inspiration, 5 tips for a beautiful low-maintenance garden

If you have a small garden, it can sometimes be difficult to find inspiration for decorating the space. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas and tips available that can help you create a beautiful small garden.

Whether you are looking for ways to make the space in your garden look bigger, or just want inspiration for adding more greenery to your small garden, there are always options to transform your outdoor space into a true paradise.

A small garden often still offers surprisingly many possibilities. By making smart use of the available space, you can, for example, create a cozy sitting area or create a beautiful vegetable garden.

Moreover, there are many ways to make the space appear optically larger, for example by implementing different heights and depths in your garden, creating vistas, or by working with light colors and mirrors.

Whether you have a city garden, balcony or roof terrace, there is always a way to transform your outdoor space into an oasis of peace and greenery. Especially with this inspiration for a small garden.

Looking for inspiration for your small garden? Then this blog is for you. Whether you are looking for practical solutions or want to know how you can add more atmosphere and cosiness to your garden, we will help you on your way.

With the right inspiration and ideas you will soon be able to enjoy a beautiful small garden in which you can relax.

small garden inspiration, tips and ideas for the design
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Small garden inspiration, design and decoration

A small garden can be just as beautiful and functional as a large garden. However, designing and furnishing a small garden requires some creativity and smart choices, hence our inspiration.

In this section we discuss some tips and ideas for designing and decorating a small garden.

Garden design

The design of a small garden is of great importance. By making smart choices in the design, you can make optimal use of the space and create a beautiful atmosphere. You can of course do this design yourself if you want to change your existing garden, but you can also hire a garden designer.

You invest some money, but they often have good ideas that you can build on.

Some tips for designing a small garden:

  1. Make use of height differences: By creating height differences, you can give more depth and dimension to the garden. Consider, for example, a raised terrace or a raised border.
  2. Choose unity: By choosing unity in color and use of materials, you create peace and harmony in the garden. This can be done, for example, by working with one color palette or one type of paving.
  3. Keep it simple: A small garden can quickly look busy and messy. So keep it simple and opt for a number of beautiful eye-catchers instead of many small decorations.

Tip: a combination of planters with a seating area in a small garden is an excellent idea, such as the inspiration examples below.

Inspiration planting in a small garden

Planting is also very important when designing a small garden. You can also optically enlarge the garden with the planting, create vistas and create a pleasant atmosphere. Inspiration for planting a small garden are:

  1. Choose evergreens: Evergreen plants provide structure and atmosphere in the garden all year round. Think, for example, of boxwood, yew or holly.
  2. Work with height differences: By working with plants of different heights, you create more depth and dimension in the garden. Think for example of climbing plants, tall grasses or small trees.
  3. Use pots and containers: In a small garden you can also work well with pots and containers. For example, you can create a nice herb corner or place some colorful flowers.

With regard to the last one (tip3), I would like to give you some more specific inspiration for a small garden. Many small pots together make your garden chaotic and messy. This is not good for a small garden.

It is better to ensure that you choose a number of beautiful planters made of powder-coated steel, for example in white or black, or a concrete-look planter. These radiate tranquility and they immediately cause height differences in your garden (tip 2).

For example, work with different models and heights in a certain corner of your garden and you will see that this creates unity and tranquility. Would you also like some color in your garden through flowering plants? In a small garden it is smart to get inspiration for flowers in certain color combinations.

Choose a few colors that combine well and stick with it. All kinds of different colors mixed together quickly makes it too busy again.

With these inspiration and ideas you can transform a small garden into a beautiful and functional outdoor space. If you don’t want planters, but rather a border, you can use a nice edging for that.

height difference in terrace and small garden, inspiration for seating options
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Furniture for a small garden

With a small garden it is of course important to be smart with the available space. But fine seating furniture is important when creating a functional and cozy outdoor space. Choose spacious furniture and not too much.

Small garden furniture ideas

A sitting area is an important part of any garden, large or small. For a small garden it is important to choose furniture that does not take up too much space.

For example, choose a bench or a few chairs instead of a large lounge set. That way you can still sit comfortably without your garden becoming too crowded.

Another option is to choose furniture that is multifunctional. For example, choose a bench with storage space underneath, so that you can easily store your cushions and other garden accessories. Or opt for a table with built-in chairs, so you don’t need extra chairs.

How about this folding picnic table, for example?

Garden lighting inspiration small garden

Garden lighting certainly contributes to creating atmosphere in a small garden. But you don’t go all in here either. Less is more, they say for a reason.

For example, choose atmospheric lanterns on the wall in combination with a string of lights to make your garden cozy. Lighting that does not take up much space, such as wall lamps or ground spots, are ideal for this. A standing lamp in the garden looks very trendy, but is not useful for a small garden.

Another option is to opt for lighting that is multifunctional. For example, choose a table lamp that you can charge with solar energy, so you don’t need a socket. Or opt for lighting that you can use as seating furniture, such as an illuminated ottoman or chair. Talk about trendy!

subtle lighting for a small garden
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With or without accessories in your garden

Not only do you not have much available space in a small garden, it also quickly looks busy. Accessories can be a nice addition to your garden, but make the right choice for a small garden.

Below you will find tips and inspiration for what you should or shouldn’t do in a small garden in terms of accessories.

Decorative elements

Decorative elements can be a nice addition to your garden, but don’t overdo it.

In a small garden, too many decorative elements can create a cluttered look and that is not what we want to achieve with our inspiration.

Therefore, choose a few decorative elements that match the style of your garden and that do not take up too much space. For example, think of a beautiful vase with flowers, a small statue or a large wall cloth for the wall.

Garden accessories inspiration for the small garden

Below you will find inspiring ideas for garden accessories for a small garden:

  • Vertical Garden: A vertical garden is perfect for a small garden. By hanging plants on the wall, you save space and ensure a green appearance.
  • Hanging chair: A hanging chair is a nice addition to your garden and takes up little space, provided you can hang it on the wall. A hanging chair with a base is not handy.
  • Rather choose a somewhat larger accessory as a statement than too many small accessories
  • A rug under your garden furniture brings everything together and connects the furniture, making it look more spacious.

Conclusion: Accessories can be a nice addition to your small garden, but it is important not to overdo it and choose accessories that match the style of your garden and do not take up too much space.

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