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Are you a big fan of Rummikub and do you like a game of tactical thinking with numbers and figures? Then Setup is the right game for you! You apply the learned combinations of Rummikub during this game, but be careful not to give your opponents bonus points. Who will reach the finish line first? Good luck and Set-m’ up!


Setup, a combined version of rummikub and cards

Setup is a standalone game that resembles the Rummikub game and the signs of the card game. Setup includes the following materials:

  • turn bar with the personal stones on it (there are 4 at the start of your turn)
  • the ‘grab’ bag that contains the other stones
  • 4 cones to move around the board

At the start of the game, each player takes 4 stones from the grab bag and places them on their turn bar. 4 stones are also placed in the middle of the board game and another 4 next to the board. These are the free grab stones. The four stones must be replenished to 4 at the end of each turn, just like your own turn bar.

The youngest of the party starts and has the free choice to use a stone from the middle for his or her set. This could be a set that is ascending of the same suit like 2, 3 and 4. Another possibility for a set is to have the number the same but color and shape different like a 6 of hearts a 6 of clubs. With option 1 I would now have 3 get points. With option 2 I would now get 2 points.

At the end of the turn, you will see how many points you have obtained from the placed stones. Please note, if you use your opponent’s personal stones, they will receive a bonus point when counted. When the personal turn is over, and the cones have been moved, you make sure that the free pack stones are refilled to 4 and the same goes for your own turn bar.


Setup, the supplied manuals and qr code.

The Setup manual is supplied in various languages. This ensures that it is immediately accessible to a lot of players. The manual contains, among other things, the game explanation, which materials are available and examples with which combinations are possible. There is also a QR code to scan with the game explanation. This can only be listened to in English and there is no possibility to use another language. On the other hand, the box contains manuals in different languages ​​so that it remains accessible. Below are the languages ​​in which it is available:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian

While playing Setup, you try to create a set on your own turn. This can be done as described above in a consecutive row or combining the same number in different colors. Both options are shown below. During the first time playing, however, I did not realize that you were not allowed to count multiple sets. You consciously choose option 1 or option 2 on your turn. It can also be played without this rule, but I noticed that the game ends faster. Also, the starting player has the most advantage and can most easily cross the finish line first.

In the left picture, the yellow star 9 and the yellow star 10 together form a set, both stones are colored yellow and have a star as a sign. On my turn, if I choose to combine the yellow star 10 with the 9 I may not also combine it with the red heart 10. On the right picture you see a consecutive row from a purple 2 clover to a purple 6 clover. white lines on the board also take care of the combinations. So you don’t only play horizontally and vertically, but also diagonally. I thought it was a nice addition! The game is over when you cross the finish line. It differs per number of players. Look at the board game and find the number of figures in the blue boxes. What is equal to the number of participating people is the finish line.

A brief description of Setup

The Setup game can be played from the age of 8 because of the small parts and the thinking behind it. You can play it alone or in teams with friends or family. The rule of 2 to 4 players is used here. This is because of the personal squares that match your own turn bar. Curious about Setup and any further explanation? More information about Setup can be found here.

My experiences with Setup

I am a very big games fanatic and therefore love to plan a weekend full of different games. For example, during the long Ascension weekend it was the turn of the game Setup. I have tried/played this with two other persons. I’m a big fan of rummikub and therefore really wanted to play this. The description in the manual is easy and quick to follow, which ensures that you can get started quickly. The only downside, if I had to think of anything, is the qrcode that can only be heard in English. On the other hand, manuals for 5 different languages ​​have been added, so you should be able to get started with it.

The materials are made of sturdy cardboard and plastic and fit together well when placing different stones. The first time we misinterpreted a rule, so we finished quickly with several sets and the next time we played it according to the original rules. It is a fun and tactical game because you score higher by using the personal stones, but you also give points to your opponent. It is easy to carry and requires little setup work. An absolute must as a holiday game or on a Sunday afternoon while enjoying a drink and a nibble.

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