Setting up a bar at home? These 4 tips are indispensable

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Can you already see yourself dining with family at your own bar in the house? Or a cocktail evening with friends where you make the most beautiful and tastiest cocktails at the bar? We see it more and more often that people choose to have a bar made in the kitchen or dining room.

To make the most of such a bar, there are a number of bar tools and other items that are indispensable. For example, pay attention not only to the bar itself, but also to the style of the bar and the lighting. In this article you can read more about it with our handy tips.

1. Without a bar there is no home bar: find a nice bar

What should of course not be missing anyway, is a bar. After all, without a bar you cannot fully enjoy long evenings at that bar. So take a good look around and think about what kind of style bar you would like to have. Also consider in advance how big and long the bar should be and start by measuring the place where you would like such a seat. You don’t have to free up a lot of space to make a bar.

Are you going for a traditional wooden bar made of scraps and wooden planks? Or would you rather opt for a stylish whole with industrial details and materials such as metal, aluminum and scaffolding wood? Take a good look at the rest of your interior to adjust the style of the bar accordingly, so that it becomes a fitting whole. In this way, the bar blends in with the rest of your interior.

2. Purchase comfortable and appropriate bar stools

When you have a bar in your kitchen or dining room, it is so nice to be able to sit at it. Unlike a dining table, you really don’t need to have room for at least six or eight people (unless you have the space for that, of course). A counter in the kitchen usually has room for two to four people – depending on how much space you have. When purchasing the bar stools, look carefully at the style, materials and colors.

Make sure the bar stools match the style of the bar itself. Stools made of steel or aluminum are suitable for an industrial bar, and for a rural or vintage bar you will soon be comfortable with wooden bar stools with beautiful upholstery. Pay extra attention to the ‘comfort’ part, because you must of course be able to sit comfortably on the crutches. So try out several bar stools.

Beautiful bar with bar stools in the house

3. Pay close attention to the lighting at the bar

Now that you have the basics of a bar, now is the time to look further. Your atmospheric bar is not yet complete with just a bar and bar stools. Lighting is also an extremely important part of a bar in your home. It is advisable to at least go for spotlights that you can adjust. If you are sitting at the bar with friends, you can set the spotlights to atmospheric lighting.

If you want to finish some work on your laptop, it is so nice that you can set the lights a bit brighter. In addition to the spotlights, it is nice to have the bar itself lit up here and there. You do this by softly lighting the bar from above or by placing lighting in the structure itself, for example on the edge under the counter of the bar.

4. Wall shelves for drinks and other bottles

It doesn’t matter how big the bar in your kitchen or dining room is; it’s so much fun to dress it all up with items that really fit such a bar. A few liquor bottles or liquor decorations, such as vintage plates with old-fashioned illustrations on them, go really well with a bar. Therefore, make one or more wall shelves behind the bar on which you can display such items.

If you have the space for it, it is also possible to place a beautiful liquor cabinet. You don’t just put a few liquor bottles in it, but also beautiful cocktail glasses, pestles and other things you need for a successful cocktail evening, for example. Which bar tools would complete the bar completely, is a fridge or perhaps even a small tap. For most kitchens that might be a bit too much of a good thing, but hey… one can dream, right?

Drink in style at your home bar

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