Selling Sunset season 6 sells home Harry Styles, this is what he left behind

The new season of the reality show Sell ​​Sunset is on Netflix! In season 6, the real estate agents (minus Christine) will once again sell beautiful houses and of course there will also be the necessary drama.. as we are used to from them. Emma Hernan sells Harry Styles’ old house and there she makes a special revelation to fellow real estate agent Chrisshell.

We also like fun facts.

Selling Sunset season 6 is selling Harry Styles’ house

Okay, Harry hasn’t lived in the house for a while and it’s even been owned by a different owner, but Emma having to sell the house that once belonged to the British singer is already fun. While Emma and Chrisshell are standing at the new house, Chrishell asks if he happened to have left anything behind when he moved. Emma reveals: ‘a hundred pairs of shoes!’ Chrisshell also hopes to find out what size the shoes were, but Emma just doesn’t have that information. Unfortunately.

Watch the TikTok video with these funny images here.

Bye bye

Not only Christine has said goodbye to the series, Maya Vander is no longer participating. She constantly travels back and forth between Miami and LA and also has a number of kids to take care of. So busy schedule. Below you can see the trailer of the new season, but also your acquaintance with the new Oppenheim Group acquisitions Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi.

The brokers will also get a whole new office! The Oppenheim Group recently announced this on Instagram. “We couldn’t be more proud and excited to announce the new Oppenheim Group flagship office in Los Angeles, right next door to our previous office! With twice the space and an entirely new design, this office is a testament to the success of the Oppenheim Group agents and represents the future of our brokerage.”

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Selling Sunset Season 6 sells Harry Styles’ house – this is what he left for the next buyer

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