Samsung captures striking new advertising slogan

A few months before the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5, Samsung registers a striking advertising slogan. But it probably has to do with another new gadget.

Samsung advertising slogan: Open always wins

In a few months we expect the ‘second wave’ of new Galaxy products. The ‘first wave’, in the first half of 2023, brought the Galaxy S23, Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34, among others. A second Unpacked event, which takes place at the end of July or the beginning of August, will certainly bring new foldables. In addition, we also expect the Galaxy Watch6, and perhaps the Galaxy Tab S9.

As is often the case in the run-up to the launch of new products, the legal department of the major telephone manufacturer is also preparing. Sometimes that happens inconspicuously, but occasionally things pop up that raise questions. Such as the registration of the advertising slogan Open always wins as a trademark in the EU and in South Korea. Of course, the slogan does not refer to the unfolded Flip and Fold. It is, however, strongly reminiscent of Google’s unofficial ‘open source’ development mantra for the Android OS.

And that is curious. You would think that Samsung no longer needs to promote the Android OS on Galaxy phones. In fact, now that Google has also entered the foldable race with the Pixel Fold, you would think that Samsung wants to distinguish itself more from the search engine giant.

Yet another hint at a new XR/MR headset?

No, the chances are slim Open always wins is an advertising slogan for existing Galaxy products. And indeed, as we dive deeper into the paperwork, we see more hints. Although the slogan seems intended for a wide range of products, we see a number of striking descriptions.

Besides the general mentions – smartphones, watches, speakers, drives, monitors – we see Virtual reality headsets, smart rings, smart bracelets and telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewelry. And then suddenly it is very reminiscent of two other recently submitted brand names: Galaxy Ring And especially – Galaxy Glasses.

In addition, we know that Samsung with Qualcomm and Google on a new mixed reality platform works. And that a first product perhaps at the same time as Apple’s new one mixed reality headset can come on the market. And gosh, in the eternal competition with Apple, such a slogan would be more appropriate.

Yet you notice: it is and continues to look like coffee grounds. That’s Samsung’s slogan Open always wins capture is certain. This also makes it clear that the South Koreans want to distinguish themselves from a competitor on this point. But we can only guess at the exact purpose of the registration.

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