Rutte is not popular: ‘You just want to escalate’

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Prime Minister Rutte says he is pleased that the United States is about to agree to train Ukrainian pilots for F-16s. Rutte writes on Twitter: “The details will be worked out in the coming weeks.”

He adds that his British, Danish and Belgian colleagues ‘welcome’ the news from the US. “Ukraine can continue to count on the unwavering support of the Netherlands and its international partners,” said Rutte.

The Dutch people do not want this escalation

Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren adds that the conditions are being worked on together with ‘our closest allies’ Denmark, Belgium and the United Kingdom. “We are ready to support Ukraine in this.”

Prime Minister Rutte is receiving a lot of criticism on social media. For example, media director of Ongehoord Nederland Peter Vlemmix says: “It would be great to hold a referendum on this, if it had not been abolished by you. The Dutch people do not want this escalation.”

And so Rutte buys F-16s for Ukraine

Real estate entrepreneur Erik de Vlieger responds: “You just want to escalate. It’s because you don’t have kids. But don’t flee if it happens, because you and Guy Verhofstadt, among others, are responsible.”

According to foreign media, including Le Monde, Rutte is working with the British on a plan to jointly buy F-16s for Ukraine. “The cabinet has a deficit of four to six billion euros. Minister Kaag is looking for solutions to close the gaps. And so Rutte buys F-16s for Ukraine,” responds journalist Eric van de Beek.

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