‘Rude Slot takes a walk with Feyenoord’

Arne Slot is high on Tottenham Hotspur’s wish list. Although the English top club has not yet reported to Feyenoord, the coach is still seriously associated with a departure for the Spurs. Slot himself does not want to reveal anything about his future yet, but Valentijn Driessen believes that the coach is more or less keeping Feyenoord on the line.

Slot on the way to Tottenham?

Slot still has a contract with Feyenoord until mid-2025, but has long been associated with a transfer to Tottenham. The coach himself has not yet provided any clarity and Driessen thinks in his column The Telegraph to know why Slot still leaves everyone at Feyenoord in the dark. “Because he has been talking to Tottenham Hotspur for some time through his agent Rafaela Pimenta, the Brazilian lawyer who took the place of her late boss Mino Raiola. She would have said ‘yes’ to Spurs boss Daniel Levy for Slot.”

On Wednesday, Pimenta will come to De Kuip for talks with general manager Te Kloese. Driessen expects Pimenta Slot to want to push towards the Spurs. “Pimenta will say that the coach prefers Spurs to Feyenoord and that Slot wants to bring some staff members. In addition, she would like to know the lump sum for Slot’s contract until mid-2025. Slot has a limited transfer fee in his Feyenoord contract for mid-2024. This summer Feyenoord can ask unlimited what it wants for Slot. It would therefore be more lucrative to let the successful trainer leave this summer instead of next year.”

Driessen denounces Slot’s conduct

Where Slot does not want to reveal anything about his future, Driessen questions the practice of the coach who, according to the journalist, has let Pimenta explore the market. “And secretly outside everything and everyone at Feyenoord to make things right with Tottenham Hotspur. How neat is that if Feyenoord, as an employer, has granted all your personal wishes, financially and sportingly, as much as possible in the past two years?”

According to Driessen, the comparison can be made with the situation at AZ, where Slot also negotiated with Feyenoord in the deepest secrecy at the time. The football journalist therefore criticizes the practice of the coach. “While the Legion openly pines for Slots ‘I stay’ he is deliberately keeping fans ignorant of his negotiation outcome with Tottenham Hotspur. It concerns football, but nevertheless it smells strongly of indecency of the eloquent success coach, who has been hiding the back of his tongue with a nice twist of words for eight days.

According to Driessen, Feyenoord should no longer hold the line, but demand a clear deadline. The football journalist states that the club is bigger than Slot and that there is life after the coach. “His skill as a trainer-coach is beyond any doubt. Next season he will prove this again at Tottenham Hotspur or Feyenoord. But the way Slot plays this game is indecent, even to the point of being rude as an employee with a two-year top contract to a loyal employer like Feyenoord.”

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Should Feyenoord still continue with Slot?

  • Yes, keep

  • No, let’s go to Spurs

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