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The Garmin Rally RS100 power meter is a single-sided power meter. This means that there is only a sensor in one side of the pedal. You can later update to the dual system with sensors on both sides. Do you want this right away? Then you can also choose to purchase the more expensive double-sided power meter, namely the Garmin Rally RS200.


  • Measurements on the left pedal (pedal axle)
  • Pedals for SPD SL cleats
  • Transferable axle to be installed on Rally RS road or Rally XC off road pedals
  • Battery life up to 120 hours

Garmin rally RS100

The Garmin Rally RS100 is a single sided power meter. A single-sided power meter is often cheaper to purchase than a double-sided power meter. This is because the power is only measured on one side. This measurement is doubled to calculate the total power delivered. It could be that the wattage supplied on the racing bike differs slightly per side. That is why the measurement of the double-sided power meter is even more reliable. In addition to power, this power meter also measures cadence.

Nice to know: Do you own the Garmin Rally RS100 but do you want a dual system with two sensors? Then you can easily upgrade. You then purchase a Rally RK100 upgrade pedal.

Price comparator and offers

Below you will find an overview of the Garmin Rally RS100 at various webshops such as, Amazon and The cheapest product is displayed first. The new prices are collected daily, so you are always aware of the lowest prices and the best offers of this power meter for the road bike.

Battery life and battery type

The battery life of this single-sided power meter (just like the double-sided power meter) is approximately 120 hours. This is useful to keep track of so that you don’t run out of battery life during a workout and can no longer view the wattage data. The batteries you need are 4x LR44/SR44 or 2x CR1/3N.

Pairing via Bluetooth and ANT+

You can easily connect this power meter via Bluetooth and ANT+ to training apps or devices. For example, you can view your data in the Garmin Connect app. In addition to data uploads, you can also use this app to do software updates. In addition to the Garmin Connect app, you can also use training apps including third-party apps such as Strava, TrainerRoad and TrainingPeaks. You can also connect the power meter to your sports watch or your cycling computer. This way you can also view all wattage data on these devices during your cycling training. Do you cycle indoors on a turbo trainer? Then you can connect to the Tacx training app.

What do you receive when you purchase the Garmin Rally RS100?

When purchasing the Garmin Rally RS100, you receive two pedals, the left pedal of which has a sensor to measure the power you deliver while cycling. You will also receive mounting material to attach the cleat. The Q factor is 53mm. When ordering you will receive a Q-factor washer of 2mm so that you end up with a Q-factor of 55mm. Finally, you will receive a transferable axle that you can optionally install on separately available Rally XC off-road pedals.

Similar options for the Garmin Rally RS100

Would you like a power meter in the form of pedals? Then there are different models from Garmin that you can choose from. The described Garmin Rally RS100 pedals is a single-sided power meter for SHIMANO SPD-SL cleats. However, there are several single-sided power meters that can accommodate other cleat types. The Rally XC100 is a single-sensor power meter compatible with SHIMANO SPD cleats. Do you have cycling shoes with LOOK KEO cleats? Then you can purchase the Garmin Rally RK100. You also have these three versions in the 200 version, such as the Garmin Rally RS200. Then you have a double-sided power meter with which you can also view the cycling dynamics in addition to the power.


The Garmin Rally RS100 single-sided power meter in the left pedal accepts SPD-SL cleats. Do you have other cleats? Then you can purchase one of the other Garmin Rally pedals. There are several types on the market that fit different cleats. This is a single-sided power meter, which means that the power is measured on one side only. If there is a difference between the power in your left and right leg, it is better to purchase a double-sided power meter.

Garmin Rally RS100 FAQ

Below you will find the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the Garmin Rally RS100 power meter pedals.

Can I turn this single-sided power meter into a double-sided power meter?

Is your budget not yet sufficient to immediately purchase the Garmin Rally RS200 or would you prefer a double-sided power meter with which you can also measure cycling dynamics? Then you can upgrade by purchasing the Rally RS100 upgrade pedal.

How can I view the power delivered during a (training) ride?

Do you want to view the wattage live during a training or competition? Then you can use a cycling computer (for example a Garmin Edge cycling computer) or a sports watch. Here you see the training data appear directly on the screen. Ideal when you organize your training sessions on power blocks.

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