Reducing the risk of addiction through a healthy diet

The influence of nutrition on both the physical and physical part of man is receiving more and more attention. There is also increasing interest in a holistic approach to this.

Man is seen as a whole and no longer as separate facets. The influence of nutrition on well-being, also in the mental field, is rightly receiving more and more attention. The influence of this goes quite far. Healthy food not only contributes when recovery from a disease or addiction is necessary and a process in a rehab clinic has already been started. It can also prevent addictions! You can read how that works in this blog.

Nutrition and your mind

Nutrition has an enormous influence on the human body, not only physically but also mentally. There have been plenty of tests and studies and it has also shown time and time again that people got depressed feelings when they ate fast food again and again. This was seen, for example, in the documentary Super Size Me.

Not only because they then became fatter, but also because they lacked the nutrients that are necessary to maintain a healthy brain. There was also a lack of energy and therefore satisfaction. People were less active, as a result of which they ended up in a negative and therefore downward spiral. Exactly the same spiral that arises with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or other products.

More prone to addiction

An unhealthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition therefore creates a situation of weakness, which can make people more susceptible to addictions. From an eating addiction to a real drug addiction, with such behavior you create a moment of weakness that can quickly lead to a negative tendency. By making sure that this situation does not arise, the chance of an addiction is much smaller.

Healthy eating reduces the risk of addictions.

In short, a healthy lifestyle including nutrition is not only healthy, but can also indirectly prevent you from developing unhealthy habits. A report is imminent. That really doesn’t have to go so far as to require immediate admission to rehab, but it can get you in trouble.

Sometimes other factors also play a role that lead to an addiction, so you may not be able to prevent it completely. In any case, it is important to prevent a negative spiral. In addition, focus on the other pillars of a healthy lifestyle, such as sufficient exercise and meaning.

When everything is in balance, and you put enough attention and focus on these aspects, you can certainly not blame yourself if you do make a mistake. Because always realize; An addiction can really happen to anyone.

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