Reality series ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ will appear on Netflix this year

The controversial real-life game show Squid Game: The Challenge from Netflix finally got a release date. The program, which is based on the successful series Squid gamewill hit the streaming service in November 2023.

After the huge success of the South Korean series Squid game on Netflix more than a year and a half ago, the streaming service not only quickly announced a second season. The streaming service also announced its plans for Squid Game: The Challengea game show that was based on the fiction series.

Red Light, Green Light

In it, 456 participants will compete for a pot of 4.56 million dollars (4.22 million euros), the largest cash prize ever in a reality program. Squid Game: The Challenge Through.

But a lot of negative stories have already come out about this. On the playing field of the first game – Red Light, Green Light – it would have been -3 degrees Celsius then. In that temperature, the candidates had to stand motionless for hours. The eliminated candidates were also not allowed to wash themselves until the following day. Several candidates would even have been removed. Others accuse the makers that not everything was fair. Netflix denies those latest allegations. However, some candidates would consider a joint complaint.

November 2023

Despite all the commotion, Netflix continues to produce Squid Game: The Challenge. The streaming service has now even announced when you will be able to watch the program. The reality show will appear on Netflix in November. An exact date is not yet available.

“Through a series of games, each player is pushed to their limits and forced to question how far they will go to win, involving opportunistic alliances, cutthroat strategies and betrayals,” Netflix said in its announcement.

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