Real Madrid striker Vinícius Júnior cannot appreciate a journalist’s question: ‘What? Are you stupid?’

Vinícius Júnior signed autographs outside Estadio Mestalla on Sunday after the lost match against Valencia (1-0). The Real Madrid striker was the most talked about man of the match as he was racially abused by the home crowd, had objects thrown at him and picked up a red card for punching Hugo Duro. However, while signing autographs, he also received a question that he did not appreciate.

After Vinícius left the field with a red card in his pocket, he held up two fingers to the crowd – a gesture that has been interpreted as a reference to LaLiga 2. Valencia has been battling relegation this season, but are currently in good shape. When Vinicius was asked if he’s going to apologize for that gesture, he said, “What? Are you stupid?”

The latest FCUpdate Podcast talks about how Vinícius was treated by Valencia fans.

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