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practice splitting

The math circuit is another way for me to get started practicing math skills. Earlier I wrote a general blog about the calculation circuit. In this blog I want to share practical tips for splitting the learning objective. What activities and materials could you use to practice splitting? Incidentally, these activities can often also be used at home to practice playfully and avoid the worksheets.

Supply of (game) material to practice divisions

The following materials and games are available or can be made yourself and can be used very well for splitting practice:


Place a split card on the playing field. Now pull an ice cream stick out of a cup. On the ends of these popsicle sticks are the numbers 1 to 10 (when you practice the divisions to 10) or the numbers 0 to 20 (when you practice the divisions to 20). baton. When the number matches the split, a new split is on the table. One stick has a bomb sign or the word ‘kaboom’. When this stick is drawn, the game is over.

Halli Galli

counting with autumn material

The game with the bell or ‘Halli Galli’ can be used to practice the splits. Whenever possible I adapt this game to the project I’m working on, so you can download the game cards about autumn and winter here. In these blogs you can also read how to work on splits.

the splitting machine


The splitting machine can be used for any project and here game and math come together very well. You can let the children discover and experience without obligation, but by adding split cards, the children get to work in a more focused way.


The independent work material LOCO can also be used very well to practice with divisions.

You can also use part of the class loco cards from Miss Linda’s class. And you use the other cards at another time of the year!

Game in the corners

Depending on the project you are working on, you can also incorporate learning objectives into the play material of a play corner. Like in this example of the corner package the pharmacy. There is a lot of material available in this corner package to practice splitting. The children play in the corner and practice splitting in the meantime. In this overview you can see which corner packages are currently available.

Split party games

The various creative teachers and masters offer online board games where you practice with the splits. For example, you can buy a game package at the Rekenhoek. Print, laminate and play!

Math coloring pages

practice splitting

There are many math coloring pages or coloring by code online for several math components. There was still little to find for splits, so I am now changing that. For the children who enjoy coloring and still keep counting!

Automate splits

Only when the principle of splitting is in place can you move on to the abstract phase and therefore automate. Incidentally, the Rekenhoek has described very clearly how the development of split learning proceeds.

Split by pace

When making splits based on tempo, one’s own development is important. Therefore, let each child improve himself daily. You do this by doing one or more sums more every day. Make split booklets with the content you want via (Tip! with 36 sums there is one page full) Have the children write down every day how many sums they have made or have them color this number of boxes in a graph.


There are also several apps with which you can practice the splits (at pace) You can think of math sprint online (for a fee) or math hero (for a fee in the future)

To jog

Moving around is always good. On Youtube you can find moving videos, where the splits are practiced while moving. Use the search function with the words jogging split and you can determine the level yourself.

Split diploma

split development with split diploma

You can make the development of splitting visible by always taking a step away from the final goal. You make this visible on this split diploma!

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