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Europa-Park is located in the Black Forest. It is not only Germany’s largest amusement park, but also the second most visited park in Europe. Europa-Park has been voted the best park in the world eight times in a row!

Hot air balloon ride back

Europa-Park is experiencing its 49th season and the German theme park is doing so with various novelties in addition to the more than 100 attractions and shows already present. Thus, the 16th theme area, Principality of Liechtenstein, opens and the classic balloon ride returns in a different theme. The new boats in ‘Josefina’s kaiserliche Zauberreise’ shine in splendor and visitors learn what the Yomis have to do with Josefina in the new film in the Fairytale Forest Cinema. In addition, the 360-degree film in the Traumzeit Dome lifts a corner of the veil on the new Croatian themed area.

New themed area: Liechtenstein

The centerpiece of the new themed area is the ‘Liechtenstein Balloon Ride’, whose colorful balloons bear the names of the cities of Liechtenstein, Vaduz and Triesenberg. The completely renovated balloon ride is a classic attraction, which was put into use in the park in 1996.

An imperial cruise

The boat trip with ‘Josefina’s kaiserliche Zauberreise’ in the Austrian theme area is now even more romantic. The brand new boats, equipped with a table for a nice meal and drink break, shine in imperial splendor.
Empress Josefina takes visitors on a journey through her realm – but who are those little green trolls who get up to mischief everywhere?

Nikola Tesla’s beautiful Croatia

The new 360-degree film in the Traumzeit Dome lets the visitor already look forward to the Croatian themed area that is scheduled for 2024. In ‘Nikola Tesla’s Beautiful Croatia’ viewers accompany visionary Nikola Tesla in his pioneering experiments with electricity in the late 19th century.

Rulantica: additional slides and rest areas

To keep that holiday feeling even longer, a visit to the resort’s second park, Rulantica Water World, is highly recommended. The highlight of the new 30 meter high ‘Nordiskturn’ is the ‘Vikingløp’ racing slide, built on a sparkling gemstone mine. Once the tower has been climbed, there are a total of eight tubes in which visitors can compete against each other. On mats it then goes ‘head first’ into the depth. Every second counts on Europe’s fastest slide, as only one person can emerge victorious at the finish and be cheered on by the spectators in the stands.

Restaurant world first Eatrenalin

Another absolute highlight is ‘Eatrenalin’, the futuristic gastronomic experience for all senses. Here guests are immersed in the most diverse worlds; not only through smells and tastes, but also visually, acoustically and through movements.

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