Patrick Lefevere: “If Ineos Evenepoel makes an offer, I must act as a correct businessman”

The season is only halfway through, but negotiations are already underway about transfers and contract extensions. For example, Patrick Lefevere is already busy recording the climbing train around Remco Evenepoel for next season.

“I have an oral agreement with Pieter Serry,” says Lefevere in an interview with Het Nieuwsblad. “Louis Vervaeke’s new contract was in my suitcase, but after he had to leave the Giro, I didn’t bother him anymore. In principle, Ilan Van Wilder’s contract extension is also in order, but his manager wants a few extra paragraphs in it, guarantees that he can take his own chance every now and then.

Climbing train

During the opening week in the Giro, the climbing train around Evenepoel still showed some weakness. Will there be reinforcements next year? “I have to sow to the sack. And everyone forgets that we already have many good climbers. The ride to Lago Laceno was an accident of the course. The following days Remco was well surrounded. We also have good climbers in addition to the Giro selection.”

INEOS Grenadiers

It is no longer a secret that INEOS wants to pay a lot of money to have the world champion in their team. After all, the British formation is the richest of the peloton. What if they make an offer Lefevere can’t refuse?

“I have to act like a proper businessman and ask how my sponsors and owner Zdenek Bakala feel about it. But we shouldn’t talk about Remco as a sports car that you may or may not sell. It is not his style to let the team down. If Ineos wants to try, I wish them good luck”, says Patrick Lefevere.

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