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For those who already missed last week’s diary, today an extra long diary as a make-up! With lots of eating photos, sports photos, photos of the girls of course and a souvenir of what should have been a nice photo, a tick…

So, the first food photo today. I ordered a pizza for myself, because all the family had already eaten except me.

Don’t worry, a day later there was just another AVG on the menu 😉

I had another collaboration with Stronger so I shot some videos at work. For those who want, code habraken20 gives you a 20% discount on your order at Stronger (the best sports leggings ever!).

Time to score some presents for children’s parties.

Choice stress.

On to the supermarket where Emmi just did some math.

Look how cute! Garage 🙂

We were allowed to come to the parent meeting at school, so Emmi played nicely with the sand table while waiting.

And while Emmi had a children’s party, I went with Aukje to the kids’ afternoon at a clothing store. Make-up, beautiful hair, beautiful clothes and a picture with her friend! I haven’t seen the pictures yet but I’m very curious!

Look at the better food photos haha. This was a fresh package, I love it.

Furthermore, I am now Toos Unemployed, so I created a LinkedIn profile, updated my resume and scoured the internet for great vacancies.

A little message with the ladies. Although the cart was soon full 😉

Another nice fresh package.

Last week there was also a day in Den Bosch with a friend on the program. Which we traditionally started with a pastry at our favorite pastry shop in Den Bosch.

Fortunately, the sun finally started to shine a bit. Time for outdoor games.

I got this book full of facts for Mother’s Day 🙂

Bare legs again! But still with closed shoes.

Emmi can always play so well, even when we are with grandpa and grandma.

But Aukje was also playing nicely.

Last Tuesday I was allowed to help the school photographer all morning. So funny!

Because the sun is showing itself a bit more often, it was time for new sandals for the girls.

Well, of course this couldn’t be fixed. Just Dance in action haha.

This is kind of the result of my procrastination. There was a huge mountain to clear.

Thursday was Ascension Day so Aukje and Emmi had a day off. They went full in the make-up, because Emmi was Wednesday haha.

Cup of fruit with sprinkles.

And on our free Friday a visit to the doctor with Aukje. At least we had something to do with our day, let’s say 😉

Emmi had quite specific wishes for breakfast that day and because we still had to go to the doctor (who is at the supermarket) I was able to meet everything.

Friday afternoon I went to Xcore’s quarterly day for the first time. There the new release was presented and I can already tell you that it is very nice! From June 1, I will also teach Xcore in addition to Power.

Saturday we had an empty agenda, because Emmi hurt her knee jumping on the trampoline. And empty diaries get the girls creative, so much fun!

New sandals, more sun and therefore time to also make the feet summer test. And with three ladies in the house you can imagine that a lot of nails were painted. So this box was well deserved afterwards.

After that I went with Aukje to look for a beautiful flower field in front of our door. Only on the way did we find out that we should have gone with long pants, high socks and rain boots. Like this. A lot of. Critters!

And so also took a tick back unfortunately. Fortunately he was 1. with me and 2. I saw him on time. Maikel was able to take it out and it was still supermini so it wasn’t in it for long.

This plate was waiting for me as comfort food, that makes a difference 😉

Have a nice week again!

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