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Most virtual casinos use a KYC (know your customer) verification system for security purposes. It is necessary for the procedure, which consists of verifying the player’s identity by uploading scans of documents. But some users do not want to provide personal information for various reasons. In this case it is possible to use online casinos without KYC.

Why Many Casinos Use KYC

Verification is not a requirement of the site itself. Application of this procedure is a condition of the supervisor. Meeting this requirement is necessary to obtain a license.

But also the casino itself, verification of the identity of the player helps to avoid a number of violations, which entail the application of sanctions for users:

  • Multi Accounting. Re-registration is often used by bonus hunters. Passport control ensures that each individual player has only one account.
  • Registration of minors. Citizens over the age of 18 are allowed to gamble. The age of the user can be verified with a passport.
  • Using other people’s cards and accounts for financial transactions. Many casinos verify both personal and payment information of the player. In this way, you can be sure that the cards and accounts used do not belong to third parties.

The data verification system enables the sites to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity by users. The documents required for the verification procedure may differ according to the requirements of each specific gambling club.

Is there a casino without KYC

In 2023, many online casinos have switched to cryptocurrency-based forms of payment, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. Passport verification is not required on such sites to make deposits and withdrawals.

To win at a casino that uses traditional payment methods, the player has to wait about 5 business days for the money to be in the account. And sometimes the money is paid in installments.

There is no such inconvenience when paying out in cryptocurrency. The transaction time is usually less than an hour. At the same time, the withdrawal limits are significantly higher than in other cases.


Among the online casinos that offer services without passport verification are fraudulent sites. They use slots with low payout percentages and cheat customers during the payout process.

To mitigate such risks, it is advisable to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Having a Curacao, MGA or UKGC license. Not all sites that do not have these documents are fraudulent. In the Netherlands, for example, many reliable clubs operated without a license until 2021. But it cannot be denied that in the absence of a license there is still an increased risk of fraud. Information about the documents is in the footer. Clicking on it takes the user to the relevant page. If such a button is missing or inactive, it can be assumed with high probability that the casino is operating without a license.
  • Design. Modern sites are constantly being improved. A convenient and attractive interface is developed for the convenience of the customers. If the site has an outdated design, there is a risk that the site is fraudulent.
  • Choice of entertainment. Leading sites post thousands of slots on their website. Scammers limit themselves to a small number of outdated machines with a reduced return and a minimal chance of winning.
  • Reviews. You can learn about the quality of it casino without KYC by reading the opinions of the players. It is recommended to study the reviews on different sites, because the positive ones can be from the employees of the site, and the negative ones – from the competitors.

You can choose a reliable casino with the help of reviews compiled by experts.

Which games are available without KYC?

Leading sites that cater to customers without verification offer a wide variety of KYC-free slot games. These include slots, card games (poker, blackjack, baccarat and others), table games, roulette and live games. Players can also bet on sports and cyber sports. It is possible to participate in tournaments and lotteries.


Playing in an online casino is especially interesting if there is a bonus system. Therefore, when choosing a site without KYC, it is important to pay attention to the presence of incentives such as free spins, no deposit and welcome bonuses, the possibility of joining the VIP club. Many sites that do not require verification offer their customers different types of rewards for active play.

Is it possible to remain completely anonymous in a casino?

Cryptocurrencies are not subject to the control of the Federal Tax Administration and the Central Bank. Such wallets cannot be frozen or blocked and virtual currency transactions cannot be canceled by government authorities. Therefore, no verification is needed for payments with cryptocurrencies. This ensures complete anonymity for casino users.

Nowadays, many platforms that accept cryptocurrency payments offer the option to play online casinos without going through the verification procedure. Among them you will see many sites that operate under a license. By choosing a reliable verified site, the player gets a security guarantee. A lack of verification is not a cause for concern if the site is legit and customer feedback is in its favour.

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