Nuclear fusion will become a trillion-dollar industry this century

From a survey conducted by the Fusion Industry Association (FIA), the international trade association for nuclear fusion companiesit appears that companies believe that investment in the technology will gradually increase to trillions (thousands of billions) of dollars by the middle of this century.

Why is this important?

Nuclear fusion is seen by many energy experts as ‘the holy grail of energy’. The technology must use the same principles that power the sun to produce a virtually unlimited amount of energy, without producing radioactive waste in the process. But so far it has proved extremely difficult to develop such reactors. There is even a joke in fusion circles that “nuclear fusion is always 30 years away”.

In the news: The FIA ​​survey shows that merger companies are optimistic that the technology will soon be able to enter the commercial market.

  • Many companies believe that a working nuclear fusion reactor will be developed by the end of this decade and be commercially viable by the 2030s. A report previously issued by the FIA ​​shows that 93 percent of affiliated nuclear fusion companies believe that reactors will be connected to electricity in the 2030s or earlier.

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