Netatmo introduces Smart AC Control for the management of air conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps

The user can set a smart schedule as desired, and heat or cool at any time of the day. In this way, the user manages the energy consumption of the air conditioner and air-to-air heat pump.

Connectivity via infrared technology

The Smart AC Control is compatible with all (fixed and mobile) air conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps. All that is required is infrared connectivity and a remote control with a screen that shows all the settings. With omni-directional infrared technology, the Smart AC Control can be placed in any room and connected in minutes without any additional work or modifications to the existing installation.

The Smart AC Control can be installed 10 meters away from the AC unit. On a piece of furniture or against a wall. If there are several air conditioners in a house, a Smart Air Conditioner Control is required for each air conditioner. In the Home + Control app, the user can operate all air conditioners remotely.

To check compatibility, visit:
Well-known brands that are compatible: LG, Mitsubishi, Samsung Haier, Toshiba and many more. If the air conditioner is not compatible, the Smart AC Control will learn the protocols of the current air conditioner within 15 minutes.

Cool or heat your home remotely in the Home + Control app

Via the Home + Control app, the user can effortlessly set a cooling or heating schedule based on a daily routine. In the app it is also possible to adjust the temperature and settings remotely via a smartphone. Smart air conditioners can often only be controlled indoors and not remotely. During the upcoming summer days, for example, the user can only cool the living room between 2 and 4 pm, and the bedrooms at the end of the evening. In the still distant winter, the house can be heated to an ideal temperature.

Analyze your indoor climate

Thanks to the temperature and humidity sensors, the Smart AC Control monitors and analyzes the changes in the indoor climate. This real-time information can be consulted in the long term and enables the user to make the right settings and improve comfort.

Properly manage and control energy consumption

By answering five questions, a personalized weekly schedule is drawn up. This saves on the energy bill to properly manage the air conditioning or air-to-air heat pump, without leaving it on all day for cooling and/or heating.

The temperature and settings can be adjusted with a smartphone in the Home + Control app. If a family member comes home earlier than planned, it is possible to switch on the air conditioning or heating remotely just before their arrival.
To manage energy consumption even better, the Netatmo Smart AC Control also has a built-in geolocation function “Eco-Assist”. It turns off the devices when the user leaves the house and turns them back on when they return. In the future it will also be possible to include the Smart AC Control in automations and scenarios.

The Smart AC Control is also compatible with various voice assistants and connected ecosystems, such as Google Home, Alexa or Apple Home. Operation and settings are also possible with speech for extra comfort.

Availability and price

The Smart AC Control is available from today on the Netatmo eShop. In the coming months it will be available at the usual online points of sale: Coolblue, and Tink for a price of €119.99.

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