Nail trends summer 2023

Nail trends summer 2023

It’s always nice to stroll with beautiful nails. But in the summer it’s great to add a little something extra to your nails with the beautiful weather. Curious about the nail trends for the summer of 2023 and do you need inspiration? I started looking on Pinterest for the most beautiful, funniest, brightest and coziest nails. From poppies with a rhinestone to neon: these are the 10 most beautiful nail trends for summer ’23!

Varied looks

I have done my best to keep the 10 as varied as possible. Hopefully there will be a nice trend for everyone! My personal favourite? I really like coral, number 5. You can also see that color in the header photo. But I am also very fond of everyone else. Except neon, which I think is pretty intense. I don’t think I would do that myself so quickly.

1. Poppies with a beautiful rhinestone

We immediately start with a beautiful nail look: poppies with a nice little rhinestone on the middle finger. Isn’t it cute? Bling blingggg! And I also took a look at where you can find those nice nail art stickers flowers and rhinestones can get! Just at SHEIN!

2. A few nails with abstract illustration

I also like this so much! The abstract trend of home accessories can also be seen on the nails again this summer. I think the ring finger is so beautifully done with those 2 colors. So stylish.

3. Ibiza vibes!

You have to love this, but Ibiza style nails are cheerful, summery and completely on trend with the moon, sun and star stickers!

4. I can buy myself flowers

This nail art is so beautifully done. When I saw this picture I immediately thought of the Miley Cyrus song. So did you get dumped or did you end your relationship yourself? Take good care of YOU!

5. Coral color

That coral color. I really hope this trend never goes away. So beautiful. I also chose a header photo for this blog with coral. Coral is just always good and looks so beautiful with tanned skin!

6. Different colors: pink and orange

This color combo is just everything for this summer! Pink and orange. How delicious and it looks so cozy! Super nice on the photo, also with the ring around the thumb! Love it.


Neon also comes back every summer and is super popular. Neon yellow, pink, green or blue: everything is possible. I’m not too fond of this trend myself, but I think it’s very nice weather on the beach, near water. Yes, it’s stupid, hahaha!

8. Sea green nails

No, not turquoise. But sea green. That’s just a bit different. So beautiful. You don’t see this trend much and that’s why it’s in between. More sea green I say.

9. Summer Fruit Nails

The trend this coming summer on social media: summer fruit nail art. Watermelon, lemons, cherries, grapefruit and strawberries. I’ve seen them all pass by. Delicious!

10. Festival

And of course we can’t forget the festival nails! Full of color and with the summer nail art that makes you happy. Plants, birds, flowers, whatever you want. Enjoy the music, a snack and a drink and make your own nails happy! What else do you want?

Additional trends: glazed donut nails and flipped neon french manicure

Female friend Esther (thank you babe!) texted me after publishing this blog about these 2 popular trends, which I’ll add:

– the glazed donut nails. Named after the shiny frosting you see on a donut. Very beautiful and classy. This trend is often worn by summer brides. And Hailey Bieber!

inverted neon French manicure: a new variant of the French manicure. With (neon) colored tips above, below, with swirls, marbled, on the side or abstract. Very nice!

Nail trends summer 2023: with these nails you want to shine on the beach or terrace!

So, did you see something you like? Probably. And remember: it doesn’t matter what you put on your nails, as long as it makes YOU happy. These are the trends, but if you want to wear nice black nail polish, you wear nice black nail polish. Yes, right?! Lots of nail fun this summer!

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Which of these 10 is your favorite and why?

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