‘My younger sister hits me when she doesn’t get her way’

In the Bizarre Confession section, a reader of NSMBL makes a confession. We also try to figure out life and this does not go without a struggle. Being a young adult? That is sometimes quite difficult. After all, we are all human and each person experiences different crazy and special things. In love with the wrong person? Embarrassing moment on a date? In Bizarre Confession you read stories that are sometimes recognizable, or not at all.

This week Feline tells her story.

Sister relationship

“I was 6 when my sister was born, so she is six years younger than me. Now I am 20, she is 14. It is clear that we are both in a different phase of life. I just live on my own, of course she still lives at home. My sister is going through a difficult period and I notice that she is struggling with her puberty. She also thinks it’s terrible that I don’t live at home anymore, which makes her act extra nasty to me every now and then. I get it, but I don’t like it myself. But recently she has something new, she hits me when she doesn’t get her way. If she can’t borrow a top from me, she’ll slap me. Not that I can’t have anything, we push each other often. But now it happens more often and when I say something about it she says that I shouldn’t be like that. But I don’t think it’s a nice way of interacting with each other.”

“My mother doesn’t think it’s all that bad either, she thinks it’s part of our sister relationship. But she doesn’t hit really hard until my mom isn’t around. Talking to her is therefore pointless, then it will only end in a fight. Is this normal? Oh no? In the meantime I think I will just wait until she can deal with her emotions a little better.”

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Feline (20): ‘My younger sister hits me when she doesn’t get her way’

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