‘My girlfriend was shaking’

AZ players react disapprovingly to the misconduct of hooligans after the lost match against West Ham United. Tijjani Reijnders speaks of ‘fools’. “I have no other words for it,” he says NU.nl.

“They are just fools, I have no other words for it,” said midfielder Tijjani Reijnders half an hour after the 0-1 semi-final match. “What makes you want to do this? These idiots don’t belong in the stadium.”

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“What inspires you to do this? These idiots do not belong in the stadium”, Reijnders makes clear. He says he understands the anger of West Ham players. Several players from the visitors joined in the fighting as their friends and relatives were attacked. “If my family was there, I would have gone too.”

Defender Pantelis Hatzidiakos finds the events “extremely sad”. “Just stay at home if you have such intentions. What do you want to achieve with this? I don’t call this AZ fans. How can you be so stupid to do this?” he wonders. “I just had contact with my girlfriend. She saw it happen and was shaking.”

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