Men’s Trip to London: What to do?

It is more common for friends to go out together for a few days. That is sometimes to the Oktoberfest in Munich, an adventure in a remote region or other activity that men enjoy together. But did you know that you can also have a real men’s weekend in London?

Going out with your friends in London

You can visit London in different ways. You can do the classic tour. Especially if it’s your first time in The Old Smoke, you’ll love these highlights and the fun things in london can enjoy. Also with your partner and the whole family. Buckingham Palace, The Tower, Piccalilly Circus are some of the many highlights on your first visit to London.

But today we’re looking at a few other things that you might not do with the family right away, but you would do with friends.

Where to go for a friends weekend in London?

london bridge

Without falling into a gender role pattern, we must be able to admit that there are activities that fascinate more men than women and vice versa. Let’s discover together what London has to offer us for this.

Do you like football?

Football is the most popular sport worldwide, but in England this sport was almost elevated to a religion. There are fourteen professional clubs in London alone. The chance that you can experience a London derby is therefore high. You can always plan the weekend when there is two Premier League clubs dueling against each other. When not playing, you can often visit the football stadiums.

Action and adrenaline

If you have a sporty company, you can experience a breathtaking adventure. Climb the O2 Arena. London’s event complex is the largest domed building in the world and is also known as The Millennium Dome. You will be provided with full climbing gear and walk on a walkway 52 meters high in the air. There is a beautiful view including The Tower Bridge, Greenwich, Olympic Park and Big Ben in the panorama. If someone in your group is afraid of heights, it is better to choose one of the following activities.

An English Pub Crawl or better known as ‘Pub Tour’

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London has about five thousand pubs. Drinking a beer or a ‘pint’ is no problem in the English capital. But you don’t just go there for a good tapped glass or a craft beer, in many pubs you can also enjoy delicious food. There are guides that can help you find out which pub has which specialties. One of the loudest names in the Hard Rock Café. But here you are never among the Londoners themselves. It is a tourist attraction for which you can buy tickets in advance.

Please note that pubs in London always close at 11 pm. But then life goes on in the nightclubs. That used to be in Soho, but if you prefer to keep it a bit safer, you better go to the West End.

Prefer something quieter?

Swingers Miniature Golf

In the heart of London you can play indoor mini golf. Swingers is completely inspired by the authentic British golf clubs. There are two nine-hole Courts: The Windmill and The Lighthouse. You can buy your drinks at five different cocktail bars. And for the small and big hunger there are stalls with street food everywhere. You can spend an entire evening on it.

Pancakes at My Old Dutch

Where better to go on a drizzly afternoon than a Dutch sweet tooth? To the old Dutch pancake house. But of course the English have made this dish their own way. That means large pancakes with fillings that are unusual for us Dutch people. How about a filling with smoked duck? Or a full English breakfast?

The Four Thieves, a pub with extras

The Four Thieves is not just any pub. What immediately makes them special is that they brew their own beers and present 350 different gin and tonics. But there’s more. You don’t come to this pub to sit on a bar stool and chat about small talk. It is buzzing with activities here. The many arcade games catapult you back in time. Pac-Man, Frogger and Donkey Kong provide nostalgia. There is also an indoor mini golf course and an escape room for the adventurous.

Harry Potter still appeals to the imagination

In London, there are the Harry Potter Studios. The adventures of Potter and his friends in the wizarding school have fascinated generations. Author JK Rowlings never dreamed that her first book would have so many followers that thirty years later there would be a real theme park about it. Those who enjoyed the Harry Potter books and films will certainly enjoy this again.

Are you wiser in the meantime?

We’ve tried to give you a picture of what London can do besides the traditional attractions. Our overview is not complete at all. Our intention was mainly to show you that there is something to experience for every group of friends. There are even more sporting challenges possible. And entertainment options such as the many well-known theaters. We’ve only talked about the pubs, but real foodies can certainly go to London. There are several starred restaurants, including that of the flamboyant chef Gordon Ramsey.

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