Mathias Vergels will play again this summer

Mathias Vergels is facing a busy summer

Mathias Vergels will play again this summer at Suikerrock and Parkies concerts and shares ‘Te Mooi Om Waar Te zijn’. It’s almost ‘Too Beautiful To Be True’, but that’s not just the title of the new single that Mathias Vergels will release this Friday, May 19, 2023. This summer he will play again with his musicians from Het Goede Example at the Radio2 Parkies concerts and Suikerrock Tienen, among others. “I have a good lover, a cool son growing up, a nice job, I still get the chance to make new music and to be on stage with my fellow musicians to bring it live. These are all things that I am genuinely happy about, even if it sometimes feels like ‘Too Good To Be True’. The latter is also the title of my latest single, because I can’t describe it any better. Just like with ‘1 Times Forever’, I wrote it again with René van Mierlo, because that collaboration now feels so familiar.

Song recorded with live musicians

My record boss Hans Kusters (HKM) gave us another chance to record the song with live musicians, which immediately created a great vibe in the ICP and the Wolf Recording Studios that you feel immediately when you listen to the song. Producer Manu Huylebroeck has added an extra layer with the men of Het Goede Example. It’s almost ‘Too Good To Be True’, but the ingenious thing about this infectious pop song is that it is very accessible. You can play it on the radio, stream it and even in the live set, this is one of the top moments to play. Yes, I am very happy with this”, says Mathias Vergels enthusiastically. Fortunately, we don’t have to introduce Mathias Vergels anymore, because the versatile singer-actor, in addition to his role as ‘Lowieke’ in the daily popular TV series ‘Thuis’, has also found his way as a permanent fixture in Dutch pop-rock music. With ‘Helena’, ‘Zolang Je Maar Hier Bent’ and ‘1 Times Forever’, he effortlessly found his way on radio and television, but also in the Flemish Ultratop 30.

Mathias Vergels Too Good To Be True

‘Parrot’ from the previous season of ‘The Masked Singer’

The ‘parrot’ from the previous season of ‘The Masked Singer’ was buzzing after the release of his debut album ‘Where Is Mathi?’ with his most recent single ‘Sind Jij Bent Weggaan’ even more his own Vergels stamp on the music he releases. “That’s completely right. When we release something, the overall picture must be correct. I have to feel the song myself, so that I can give it an extra added value with my musicians during the performances,” says Mathias Vergels. With his latest single ‘Te Mooi Om Waar Te zijn’, the grateful Mathias Vergels looks back on all the beautiful things that happened to him. “It was a bliss to write this song again with René van Mierlo, because he knows me through and through. Such a writing session always starts with an extensive conversation ‘from man to man’ and on that very day when we wrote this song I told a lot about Lynn, my love and how she makes me happy every day. Happiness with a portion of healthy jealousy, as everyone who is in a good relationship experiences it.

Have a nice summer

And in the end, I am also the lucky one who goes to sleep with her at night and wakes up with her in the morning. With such a love by my side I can indeed kiss my pollekes. That applies to anyone who enjoys love, even if it is sometimes too good to be true.” It will be another great summer for Mathias Vergels and his musicians from Het Goede Example, because for the 2nd time they will make their appearance at Suikerrock Tienen and they will be back on the Radio2 Parkies stages. “Whoever was there last time can only confirm that Suikerrock was very cool. We had a great time there with the festival audience from Tienen. With more experience, a well-balanced set list including the new single ‘Te Mooi Om Waar Te zijn’ and my eroded musicians, we’re going to blow things up at the Parkies this summer. Yes, we are all very excited and ready for it!”

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