Massachusetts father pays $21,000 for Taylor Swift last-minute tickets


May 21, 2023 | 1:48 am

Look what I made him do, ticket sellers.

Massachusetts father Anthony Silva had to spend $21,000 on tickets for his daughter and friends to see a sold-out Taylor Swift concert, according to one report, because his original tickets never arrived.

In November, Silva bought four tickets for Swift’s “The Era’s Tour” stage at Gillette Stadium on May 20 as a Christmas present for his 19-year-old daughter Kaitlyn.

The complete set, bought through StubHub, cost Silva $1,800, but he was still empty-handed days before the show.

He chose to move to another ticketing site because he met the price tag of a whopping $21,000 — 11 times the amount he originally paid on StubHub.

“this is not true,” Silva told WCVB. “In my opinion, they shouldn’t wait until the day before tickets are sent out by the seller.”

StubHub, a third party ticket exchange and resellers, has a policy where tickets are not sent to the buyer until the day before the event and no replacement tickets are available.

“Nearly $21,000, for better seats, but of course you can see that set me back quite a bit,” Silva told the outlet. “I think it’s for no other reason than incompetence through the third party or through StubHub.”

Silva, who also rented a limo for the all-inclusive experience, had fun at the expense of his 19-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, before telling her about the newly acquired tickets.

“We played a prank on them by telling them yesterday that the tickets were already gone and I never want to see the look on their face again. One girl had a trembling lip,” said Silva.

Anthony Silva originally spent about $1,800 on the four tickets on the ticket-selling site StubHub last November, but they were never delivered and the company told him there were no replacement seats available.

Katelyn Silva said she was “very angry” and “frustrated” about the ticket incident “because I’ve been looking forward to this for nine months”.

Catelyn is disappointed to discover that the tickets were not delivered, causing a minor tantrum over the fiasco.

She told the outlet: “I came home to play stuff, I was so angry, so disappointed because I’ve been looking forward to this for nine months.”

Ticketmaster canceled Swift’s public “era tour” for sale in November, claiming there was “historically unprecedented” demand for presale events.

“Due to extremely high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient stock of tickets to meet this demand, ON SALE TOMORROW FOR Taylor Swift | Eras Tour CANCELED,” the ticket company tweeted at the time.

Katelyn Silva (R) and her friends were able to attend the concert, thanks to her father’s hefty expenses.

Silva paid $21,000 on another vendor’s site for Swift’s Saturday show that his daughter and her friends have their sights set on in Gillette court.
Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana

Twenty-five Swift fans filed legal action against the Tickemaster in December, suing the company for fraud and willful misrepresentation in the wake of the fiasco.

Likewise, other Swift fans have been burned by the third-party ticketing site.

A Maryland family was charged $2,100 when their tickets for a concert in Philadelphia were not delivered last weekend — compared to $700 initially paid.

“I wanted Taylor Swift to be my first party,” said 15-year-old Leila Mahoney. We say WTOP About the tickets her parents got from StubHub to Hanukkah “…. I was so excited. Everything was packed. “

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