Man sells all his possessions and bets the total on roulette

Gambling in Las Vegas with all your wealth

Even the most avid gamblers will think Ashley Revell is crazy. The best man sold all his possessions to use this together with his savings on a round at the roulette table in the casino. The venue was the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In total, his bet would be about $ 135,000. With the potential profit in mind, he put his fear aside in the hope of winning a small fortune.

Now we often hear tall tales from friends who have won an insanely nice amount in one night while gambling in Las Vegas, but this time it was actually captured by the cameras of Sky One for a reality show called Double or Nothing. Even more fun: the viewers helped Revell determine the color for the gamble of his life.

Red or black?

Speaking to CNN about what was going through his mind once the time came, he said viewers literally begged him to bet the money on the color red. “Before I made the decision I played with the possibility of choosing black for a moment, but the majority of the viewers voted for red really. So the choice was easy and suddenly I bet on red.”

It was a big gamble, but one that paid off. Instead of losing everything, the result doubled his bet and cashed in $270,600. “What I was really worried about was that I would lose and that I would disappoint everyone, including my parents. When it turned out that I had indeed gambled correctly, a whole load was lifted off me.” The gamble was broadcast live and even turned out to be a source of inspiration for another reality show – Red or Black.

He used the money he won to realize a big dream: a motorcycle trip through Europe, through which he eventually met his future wife. Some fifteen years later, Revell decided to pay a visit to the casino where it all started. Of course he couldn’t resist gambling again, but this time the stakes were a lot lower.

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