Man eats nothing for 10 days and only drinks water. Here’s the difference.

Do not eat for 10 days and drink only water

The YouTuber hasn’t eaten for ten days. The Unlazyway shows how he is doing on a daily basis. Day one of fasting goes well for him. He is not experiencing any problems yet. Day two is already a lot harder. Jonne noticed that he was starting to feel very tired. He also suffered from concentration problems and energy dips.

The Unlazyway shows a day what he experienced while fasting. From day 3 onwards, he developed multiple food withdrawal symptoms. He mentioned the problems in his video. Jonne saw food everywhere, got cold hands, too little sleep, the feeling that he was going to faint and headaches. The feeling that he was going to pass out grew worse by the days. He also watched a lot of social media videos where they are eating. The Unlazyway wanted to taste everything he saw.

On day five, he decided to eat additional supplements. The supplements were potassium, sodium and magnesium. Potassium plays an important role in the conduction of nerve impulses and together with sodium it ensures a good water balance in the body. The second supplement contained sodium. Sodium is important for regulating the fluid balance in the body, regulating blood pressure and for the proper functioning of muscle and nerve cells. Finally he took magnesium, it contributes to extra energy when tired.

What were the effects of fasting?

After ten days, the YouTuber was allowed to enjoy food again. He shows the before and after information about his body. His weight was 85.3 kg at first. He lost 8 kg and then weighed 77.2 kg. His fat percentage had increased by 0.4 kg. From 6.1 kg to 6.5 kg. His muscle mass has gone from 45 kg to 40.1 kg. Theunlazyway’s BMI has been reduced by 2.2. He had a BMI of 23.4 and has gone to 21.2.

The most that changed was his facial appearance. His head was very slim. He said at the end that he didn’t fast to lose weight. He wondered if he could function without food. His conclusion is therefore that it is possible.

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