‘Lucas Moura, would he be a good player for PSV?’

Lucas Moura, a Tottenham Hotspur player who was not well known in the Netherlands and beyond before May 2019.

After the Champions League semi-final between Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax, things were different. Moura scored no less than three times, where Valentijn Driessen suggested in his preview of the return in Amsterdam that Moura would not score a goal. ‘That Moura never scores’, said Driessen.

It all turned out differently and the fitter but also better Tottenham Hotspur qualified for the final in Madrid in two games. Four years later, the Brazilian is still a Spurs player, but that will come to an end after this season. The expiring contract of the Brazilian attacker will not be extended, the club from London reports.

The Instragram fan account PSV Brasil, often publishing nice photos and video items about mostly Brazilian players, points to PSV as a possible next destination. It seems like an impossible transfer given the Premier League salaries but nothing can be ruled out. In any case, the thought is a positive one. ‘Lucas Moura, would he be a good player for PSV?’ PSV Brasil wonders.

Moura previously played in Europe for Paris Saint-Germain before moving to England in 2018. The former Brazil international played 219 games for Tottenham Hotspur and scored 38 goals.

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