Low Food Symposium 2023 – walk the talk: how can you take truly sustainable steps?

On May 15, the culinary vanguard will gather in the Rijksmuseum during the fourth edition of the Low Food Symposium. Together with the audience, the speakers investigate the actual state of the sustainability of gastronomy.

What concrete steps can we take so that we do not get stuck in empty promises and assumptions? Move away from gut feeling!

Good feeling

Green stars are handed out, there are closed-loop restaurants where waste is non-existent and local menus are the norm. Sustainability in gastronomy is a bigger theme than ever. And yet in many cases the deed is not added to the word. Assumptions and choices based on a gut feeling or ‘gut feeling’ often make sustainability a hollow phrase rather than a measurable step.

Practice what you preach

During the symposium, chefs, journalists, researchers, farmers and other producers are asked on stage to find out how the sustainability of gastronomy really stands. And also: what does this term encompass? Where are the boundaries? For example, Noma recently made it clear that you can still be local and green, but if the working conditions are not good, your (culinary) business is not sustainable.

Who will speak?

Speakers from different angles and areas of expertise present tools and best practices from their own experience for a more sustainable future of gastronomy. Among them Chris Ying, the former editor of the iconic food magazine Lucky Peach and the mastermind behind various food media concepts such as the Dave Chang Show and ZeroFood Print.

Joining him on stage will be chef and activist Angela Dimayuga, known for Danny Bowien’s rebellious restaurant Mission Chinese New York. During the symposium she will emphasize food as a performance and a personal expression. According to Dimayuga, every dish contains a lesson about identity, history, culture and power. She currently works with The New Museum of Contemporary Arts’ Creative Science cohort as a mentor-in-residence, and is co-authoring her debut book Filipinx, Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora.

The last speaker – besides organizers Joris Bijdendijk, Nadia Zerouali, Samuel Levie and Joris Lohman and moderator Lelani Lewis – is Fatmata Binta. The winner of the Basque Culinary World prize and known for its innovative application of West African cuisine. Binta shows how a sustainable impact rests in the seemingly small gestures and techniques of a chef.

Low Food Symposium

The Low Food Symposium is part of the Low Food Movement and the Low Food Lab, a pilot for an open-source platform in the Netherlands that guides collaboration, knowledge sharing, culinary techniques and solutions for promoting sustainable and social change in our food system.

You can buy tickets for the symposium here: lowfood.nl/symposium
Location: Rijksmuseum Auditorium
When: 15 May 13:00-18:00

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