Love Islands Cas and Esmee are officially together

Rumors have circulated before that Love Island contestants Cas and Esmee Cox are dating. These gossips were eventually confirmed by Cas. And, it looks like they had a lot of fun together, because the two have finally made it official!

cas and esmee
Source: Love Island | @esmeecox

Cas and Esme

In 2022 Cas Hooijer participated in Love Island. In the program he had found love with Jotti Verbruggen and even won the program with her. Unfortunately, the relationship only lasted four months. Cas was to blame in this. He was in contact with another woman. As a result, Jotti eventually put an end to the relationship.

Esmee Cox competed in Love Island in 2021. She came in as bombshell and had her arrows aimed at Job Stevens. The two eventually found love together and even went to live together after the program. But unfortunately it ended for them too.

It’s official

There have been rumors that the two are dating. These gossips were eventually confirmed by Cas in an episode of Realitea with RTL Boulevard. He said that they are still in the early stages and that things are going very well together. While he and Esmee have some things in common, he honestly admitted that he sometimes struggles with the fact that he’s dating a Love Island star.

Cas indicated at the time that the relationship was still very early, but it looks like it has all blossomed into something beautiful. The two have confirmed via Instagram that they have made it official. On their Instagram story, they both posted a photo showing them kissing each other. They shared another snapshot in which you can see that they are having a great time together. We wish Cas and Esmee lots of happiness together!

Cas and Esme
Source: @juicechannel_

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