‘Love Island’: Amandine and Jules split up

After all the drama surrounding the relationship between Jotti and Cas, there is now one more Love Island– couple apart. It’s about Amandine and Jules. They had a bumpy course during the program, but eventually found their way to each other after the recordings. In the end, that relationship did not last very long, because in the meantime the two broke up again.

The last season of Love Island does not seem to be a great success in the long term. Several couples from the villa have not been together for a while. That now also includes Amandine and Jules, who nevertheless really seemed to have found each other after the program. The couple was together for several months, but Amandine has now announced via Instagram that they have ended the relationship together.

Amanda and Jules

Jules and Amandine had a bumpy track in the reality show. Since the beginning, Amandine had a hard time starting conversations with other residents of the villa, but eventually she found comfort with Jules. The two seemed to get along well, until the program introduced the Casa Amor.

There Jules met Lisa, whom he eventually chose to continue with. Because of that choice, Amandine left the program on her own and the bond between the two seemed lost. But soon after Jules’ choice he also seemed to regret it and voted them out as a couple just before the final of Love Island.

End relationship

In the months following the program, Amandine and Jules found each other again and started dating. Both later told various sources that they were ready to work on their relationship. In November, Amandine showed up Thank you then also know that they were still dating and that everything was going in the right direction.

But now, six months later, the relationship seems to have come to an end. The duo itself announced this via Instagram. “We both wanted this as much as you do. Keep fighting and believe in it, but for now it’s important to heal my heart and prioritize my mental health,” Amandine writes in her Instagram Story. In addition, they both let it be known that they are parting ways as friends and give each other all the love.

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