‘Love for Music’: Artists look back on an adventure in the last episode

The ninth season of Love for music on VTM is almost over. In this week’s final episode, Jaap Reesema, Metejoor, Günther Neefs, DAAN, K3, Portland and Stef Bos look back on the past season. Many never-before-seen images are also shown.

There have been eight seasons since 2015 Love for music to be seen on VTM. This means that 55 artists, duos or groups have already been reviewed in recent years. They provided a lot of surprising covers, which resulted in a real hit several times over the years.


In the last regular episode of this season, the focus was on Portland. For the final episode of next Tuesday, all participants of this season will once again be in the spotlight. Jaap Reesema, Metejoor, Günther Neefs, DAAN, K3, Portland and Stef Bos are having a reunion in Villa Louise-Marie Manor in Maarkedal. They look back on the past season Love seeks Music.

During that reunion it becomes clear how close the artists have become. “It feels like I’ve known most of them for years,” says Jaap Reesema. “In a short time we have created such a good bond that will never go away,” adds Günther Neefs. Stef Bos shares that opinion and has even made a song about their adventure that he will play for the first time. “In the car on the way here I wrote a song about our trip,” he announces that surprise.

View a preview here Love for music:

Love for music can be seen every Tuesday at 8.35 pm on VTM.

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