Learn to recognize your energy system and blockages

”Everything is energy”, a statement you’ve probably seen before, but what is energy really? And what’s in it for you day-to-day life? I had a nice conversation with Suzanne Wentink, ‘Energetic coach & Zen Shiatsu Therapist’ and that opened my eyes about our energy system and the blockages. Your body has twelve main meridians, also called energy pathways. The Qi, your life energy, flows through this.

You can go without food for a while, a few days without water, a few minutes without oxygen, but you can’t do without Qi for a second.

Is there no Qi? Then there is no life

Your Qi reflects how important it is to keep the flow of energy to keep moving. A blockage in one of the meridians creates a blockage in your life. You notice this not only in your physical body (due to pain or discomfort) but also in mental processes (due to a full head or certain thoughts).

Your energy system has the power to make your life flow effortlessly or to slow it down and stagnate. To better understand how you can use it to work FOR you, let’s start at the beginning.

The body has twelve meridians that are all linked to a certain element. Lying in the base five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, each with specific characteristics and themes that have an effect on your physical and mental well-being. These are connected to the energy system and the associated blockages.

How can you recognize if you have blockages in one of these five elements and energy system?

Wood element

The wood element is related to Spring. It is the powerful and courageous energy of a seed breaking through the earth to emerge in a world it has never seen, not knowing what awaits there. It’s about making decisions, having a clear vision, creative power and guts. It is the explosive growth that springs so
is visible and this represents the speed that matches the wood element.

Are you someone who is weighing and weighing a lot? Who has difficulty making decisions? Who has exactly a hundred ideas but can’t bring one to (full) implementation? Do you find it
Difficult to determine your direction and do you notice that you are sometimes inflexible? Stiff and with hold control to what you had in mind instead of flexibly moving along like bamboo? And recognize
do you additionally need fast fast fast? Then there is something to be gained in the wood element.

Fire element

The fire element is related to summer, when everything is in full bloom. Visible to anyone who wants to see it, the flowers radiate to the outside world. It’s the optimal
enjoy the abundance that the warmth offers us. It is related to, among other things, the heart and the heart open on the tongue. Therefore, it is about the words you speak and how
this is easy.

Shut up in difficult conversations? Can you find the right words, will you falter or stutter? Do you speak authentic words that suit you or do you look at what someone else says and repeat it? In short, are you able to be seen and heard as you really are?

Earth element

The earth element is linked to late summer and therefore to the moment when you can reap the fruits of everything you have ever sown. The question here is: can you receive?
Or are you holding on too much? It is about the balance between giving and taking, about being firmly grounded and not easily taken aback. It has to do with
(excessive) worrying and grinding and being busy with what the outside world thinks of you.

Do you tend to give more than you take? Are you easily knocked out of the field? Do you often feel not good enough and do you compare yourself a lot with your surroundings? Would you like to be liked
become? And you also find it difficult to live in an abundance mindset to live? Then this is the element where you can regain a lot of balance.

Metal element

The metal element is linked to autumn and is therefore about letting go. And letting go is always on the scale with holding on: how rigid are you in your thinking and doing? Are you
strict and stern about how life should go? Do you tend to be a perfectionist and have a hard time saying no?

There is a balance to be found here cramping and softening. With a major contraction there is no room: no room for a real connection with yourself, so that you are not able to feel your emotions, but also to ‘feel’ whether something is pure or not. It is in this way connection with your intuition.

In addition, it is difficult to connect yourself with someone else. You feel comfortable ‘on the sidelines’ and stay up that way safe distance of making real contact with the other.
Do you find it difficult to take up space? To say no and let go? Do you experience difficulty connecting with yourself or others? And sometimes you have an excessive need for it
structure? Then the metal element may be of interest to you.

water element

The water element is associated with winter. This is the moment of stillness, turning inward, recalibrating and relaxing. It is coming back to trust and letting go of fear.
And that is also the balance it is about: Do you live from confidence or does fear prevail? Your destination is also stored in the water element. The purpose of your existence here

Are you able to follow it or are you too overwhelmed by obstacles? It is not for nothing that it is related to the kidneys and this forms a nice link to your heart:
”In heart and soul” therefore not only means going for something with full conviction, but also that you follow the path of your unique destination walked. Aren’t you doing this? Then you will get exhausted and enter survival city.

Releasing your energy system from blockages

In short: If your Qi flows freely, then your life flows effortlessly and so you save time. The tasks that normally took half a day? You can now easily do that in two hours.
The difficult conversations with your boss or friend? They now run smoothly and from self-confidence.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more elements and do you want to know how you can get started? Keep an eye open because soon short videos will be online with easy exercises linked to the different elements & blockages.

Suzanne Wentink is Energetic Coach & Zen Shiatsu Therapist –

She helps women and entrepreneurs to remove energy blockages so that they can experience how effortlessly life can flow and embody true Freedom, Joy and Fulfillment in every day.

Instagram: @suzanne.wentink

EFT: a self-help tool where you tap away emotional blockages with your fingers

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Suzanne about the power of your energy system and how to recognize your own blockages

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