Konica Minolta recently launched a webshop with a wide range of high-quality office and home office printers, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. With the launch of the new webshop, Konica Minolta is responding to changing market needs.

Times have changed and customers want to order a printer quickly, easily and regardless of office hours. The pilot of the project in 2022 confirmed this suspicion and showed that part of the market was not yet served. After all, some SMEs want to make their purchases smoothly without the intervention of a representative. With this webshop, the IT partner expands its omnichannel approach with this extra sales channel.

In the webshop you can rent printers with the RelaxRate package and this with a limited or unlimited number of included clicks. You can also buy printers (without a service contract) for home office use. These A4 color printers were recently launched and are affordable, compact and easy to use, with a high degree of connectivity. They are ideal for increasing productivity. In the future, the webshop will be expanded with additional products and rolled out in other European countries with a localized offer per country.

Intelligent Connected Workplace

Konica Minolta is much more than just a supplier of printers that is often thought of by that name. According to Managing Director Xavier Biermez, that is not illogical when you look at the turnover structure. ‘Printing, scanning and document management are still strongly represented there, but we see it in our positioning as part of the Intelligent Connected Workplace, which means much more.’

Konica Minolta offers all IT infrastructure, software, training and consultancy as a single package tailored to the customer.
‘We bring people, spaces and data together in a secure way, where and when it is needed,’ explains Xavier Biermez. To this end, Konica Minolta takes small and large organizations along in an integrated vision, starting from the user instead of the technology or historical legacy that is often too decisive. Who needs what and through which technology can this be done intelligently, connected and securely? ‘We pay a lot of attention to the bridge between management and employees through a bottom-up approach. One of our baselines is ‘People enjoying ICT’. You can push something from above, but if employees are not convinced, the project will not succeed. You want users to be able to do more than before, in a pleasant working environment, without obstacles and safely.’

150 years of innovation

Konica Minolta’s journey began 150 years ago, with a vision to see and do things differently.
Konica Minolta innovates for the good of society and the world. The same purpose that kept them moving then still keeps them moving today. ‘Konica Minolta exists 150 years, grows with technology and uses that knowledge to help shape new trends. It’s no coincidence that we’re in Clarivate’s Top 100 Global Innovators. A lot of budget goes to R&D to implement technology correctly, for example sensors and cameras for the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data,
which are not always optimally exploited. The technology will continue to evolve, so will we,’ says Xavier Biermez. ‘Thanks to our scale and market position as an innovator, we can continue for another 150 years, in a world that will undoubtedly look completely different again.’

For more information about the webshop, go to: https://www.konicaminolta.nl/shop/nl

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