Kenneth Perez sees a bright spot in Luuk de Jong’s draw: ‘This is almost art’

Kenneth Perez enjoyed PSV’s 2-3 against sc Heerenveen. Luuk de Jong took care of the connection goal with a nice header in the Eredivisie game, which eventually ended in a disappointing 3-3 draw.

“I think this is almost art,” says Kenneth Perez during ESPN’s This was the Weekend about Luuk de Jong’s goal. The PSV captain defeated Jeffrey Bruma with a corner kick from Joey Veerman in the air and brought back the hope of a result with his goal. “Jeffrey Bruma is really not a little boy and Luuk de Jong towers high above him almost from a standstill. If he had to take on the header with Milan van Ewijk, I would have thought it less clever, but against Bruma this is a really nice goal. It is Luuk de Jong’s trademark.”

De Jong has scored fourteen league goals so far this season. However, Perez is of the opinion that PSV should continue to select. “Will De Jong still be PSV’s attack leader next season?, the Danish analyst wonders aloud. “I am a big fan of his, but maybe you should sit with him to indicate that his role is becoming a bit more limited. As far as I’m concerned, he can remain captain, but in a more limited role you of course have the ideal pinchhitter for your team.”

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