Jutta Leerdam shares a series of amorous snapshots with Jake Paul: ‘I miss you’

Let the whole world know: Jutta Leerdam and Jake Paul are madly in love with each other. However, the two do not live around the corner from each other – and the love duo has a hard time with that. Jutta therefore shares a series of amorous snapshots via Instagram.

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Happy together

They were rumors at first, but it soon turned out to be true: Jutta and Jake are crazy about each other. The two announced their relationship via Instagram and it was Instagram in one fell swoop official. The two are very happy together, Jake said in one of his YouTube videos. Jake gave an update on his love life. “I have a new girlfriend, that’s cool. It’s so refreshing. She is a world champion and I am so impressed with her work ethic. She is truly an angel, she has such a pure heart, is generous and really helped me when I was going through a dark period. She is truly a blessing.”

Flash visit to the Netherlands

Jake does not live in the Netherlands, but mainly lives in Miami. The Dutch Jutta can afford the occasional holiday with her work as a top athlete, but of course she also has to train hard on Dutch soil. Jake decided to visit his sweetheart in the Netherlands, after which the two did all kinds of fun things together.

All good things must come to an end, including Jake’s flash visit. Jutta lets us know via Instagram that the two are now unfortunately separated. “About last month. I miss you”she writes with a series of amorous snaps.

And, the tough Jake also misses his brand new girlfriend. “I miss you more“, he captioned the photo. We don’t know when the two will see each other again, but we think these photos and messages are too sweet not to share.

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