Jutta Leerdam candid about eating problems: ‘I went completely crazy’

In an episode of OpenCard with Robbert Rodenburg, Jutta Leerdam talks candidly about her eating problems. As a top skater, she knows better than anyone how to lead a healthy life, even though she sometimes went too far. And that has had a major impact on her life.

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Eating problems

This time Jutta Leerdam is a guest in the Open Card talk show. In the program, together with Robbert Rodenburg, she talks candidly about her eating problems. As a top skater, she knows better than anyone how to live a healthy life, but honestly admitted that she was very obsessive about it. “I wanted to be so perfect, in the sense of: I wanted to eat so perfectly healthy and be as thin as possible, that it eventually cost me some shape for a number of years and was not good for me either, because I was just working on it all day,” said Jutta.

The problem got worse over the years. “A piece of chocolate? At some point my body didn’t even need it anymore. I had it blocked, like I just didn’t like it. I suddenly thought an apple was the best thing there was. I had so brainwashed myself. I only ate healthy and not very much. I became very thin and that was just not good afterwards, because at a certain point I just had no strength left.”

Physical consequences

Jutta struggled every day with bad thoughts about her lifestyle, but this eventually also had physical consequences. It got so bad that her hair started falling out. “When I was in the shower I had strands of hair in my hands, it was too much. And I still thought I was doing a good job. I could tell myself so much, “You can’t do it,” and then I just wouldn’t. For myself that was discipline, but in hindsight so bad for my sport and my health. I’m glad I got over it.”

She also said that she had not had a period for four years. “I really didn’t get my period for four years. They say that’s normal in sport, but it’s really not normal.” Jutta is now doing better and she feels a lot healthier. “It is always in my head that I am too fat. Everyone around me knows that too, because I talk about it all day long. That will always be another thing.” We are very proud of Jutta Leerdam! Fortunately, she was able to give it a place.

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