Jordan Teze wants to leave PSV if he remains right back

For Jordan Teze, PSV – Heerenveen could just be the last home game in a PSV shirt.

The self-trained defender had a moderate to weak season this football year. It must be said that Teze is rarely posted in his favorite position by Ruud van Nistelrooij. Teze moved frequently from the position of central defender to right back and back to the position of central defender, only to be referred back to the reserve bench a little later.

Teze’s season was also marked by injuries, too many goals conceded and mediocre play. The same goes for that other self-trained defender Armando Obispo. Both defenders are also not very good with the supporters anymore due to the sometimes weak game this season. The favor factor around both youth exponents has partly disappeared due to the game shown, but also due to the many injuries that both defenders have to contend with.

Teze suffers remarkably often from cramps, where Obispo can hardly ever be called really top fit over a longer period. If both defenders are fully fit, the lack of concentration or a lack of top sports mentality will surface again. Both defenders sometimes pull out the strangest antics. Think of Obispo’s shooting in Groningen, the stupid red card in the top match against Feyenoord, the many wrong passes from Teze in de Kuip against Feyenoord, but also the dramatic defending in and against Sevilla. It all doesn’t end. How many points would Ruud van Nistelrooij’s team have lost due to the sometimes dramatic play of both defenders?

It now also seems that both Teze and Obispo are both open to a departure abroad. The term ‘continue selection’ has been used more than ever in recent weeks. Earnie Stewart intends to make a strong selection this summer. Potential reinforcements for the position of right back are the names of Milan van Ewijk van Heerenveen and Shurandy Sambo, who has been loaned to Sparta.

A departure from Jordan Teze therefore seems to be imminent. ESPN presenter Jan Joost van Gangelen reported on Sunday afternoon just before the match against Heerenveen that Jordan Teze has indicated internally that he wants to leave PSV if he is also used as a right back next season. “Jordan Teze wants to leave PSV if he stays right back,” said Jan Joost van Gangelen in conversation with analysts Vink, Kwakman and Verbeek about whether or not to attract Milan van Ewijk as the intended new right back for PSV.

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