Is this gorgeous woman Hakim Ziyech’s girlfriend

Hakim Ziyech has spent much of this season on the bench at his current club Chelsea. Still, we have not forgotten the Moroccan international in the Netherlands.

He grew up with his mother in Dronten, she soon saw that her son was a great talent.

Little is known about Hakim Ziyech’s love life, he has been seen in public several times with a woman.

We also do not see his girlfriend on Hakim Ziyech’s Instagram account.

The beautiful Ajanarie is said to be the girlfriend of Chelsea player Hakim Ziyech. They were spotted together in a restaurant in Dubai. We have several sources for this.

Ajanarie is said to be Hakim Ziyech's girlfriend

If Ajanarie is actually Hakim Ziyech’s girlfriend, then he is well done. Ajanary, looks beautiful. Hakim’s current girlfriend is also no stranger to the socials. On Instagram, she has almost 60,000 followers.

She uploads a weekly weekly vlog on her own YouTube channel, the Chelsea footballer has not yet been seen here. Videos of this pretty lady have between 7,000 and 20,000 views.

She earns most of her income from collaborating with brands. She works with Daisycon, among others. Do you want to know more about her? Check out her own website.

On a date with Monica Geuze

On a date with Monica Geuze

Hakim Ziyech has been on a date with Monica Geuze, the ex-girlfriend of Lars Veldwijk and Robbert Kroese. Between the relationship Monica had with Lars and Robbert, she went on a date with the football player who was still playing football at Ajax at the time.

It’s not entirely clear why it didn’t work out. As far as we are concerned, Monica Geuze is one of the most beautiful women in the Netherlands, it will probably not work between them.

Little is known about Hakim Ziyech’s love life

Very little is known about Hakim Ziyech’s love life. He keeps part of his private life out of the spotlight. Ajanarie, will be the top football player’s first serious girlfriend.

They are said to be in a secret relationship. The couple will have had a relationship during his time at Ajax. On July 1, he made the switch from Ajax to the London football club Chelsea.

His heyday at Ajax

At Ajax, Hakim Ziyech was a decisive player for years. He reached the semi-finals of the Champions League with teammates such as Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt. The game against Spurs was lost in the last minute.

Transfer to Chelsea FC

The Moroccan footballer signed a contract in London on July 1, 2020. He immediately signed a 5-year contract. That was financially very interesting for the footballer. Ziyech, is estimated to earn around 10 million euros.

The Moroccan winger had a good start at Chelsea. In 2022 he ended up on the bench, since then he has played a few games.

Does Hakim Ziyech live with his girlfriend in beautiful London?

Chances are that Hakim Ziyech lives with his girlfriend in his beautiful apartment in the heart of London. Whether this is really the case is not clear. In any case, there is no evidence for it.

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