Is PEPE coin going to rise or is the bull run cycle over, are $COPIUM and AiDoge the new trending cryptos?

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After its sudden appearance on the crypto market, everyone has watched in amazement as PEPE experienced price increases with great speed and thus became one of the most traded crypto coins on the market.

But was this short-lived? Because even though the Pepe coin price still has a more than 2500% increase since April 18, the price has also shown some fluctuations in the past month.

Price stats show that PEPE is down 63% since its all-time high reached on May 5, which was $0.00000431. An 18% drop was from last week alone.

At the moment, PEPE is still the number 2 best meme coin, with a current volume of $212 million, which is much more than the third largest meme coin Shiba Inu, which has a volume of $113 million.

PEPE has thus fallen through a number of supports in recent days, which is disappointing to many. But is that the end of PEPE’s bull run, or can we still expect a resumption?

We see a lot of meme coins come and go, with a nice price increase around and just after the presale, only to drop completely and lose all interest of traders.

But PEPE has already shown that it has more to offer and has already established itself on the market as an important new altcoin. In any case, they succeed well in capturing the attention of crypto whales, which in return also attracts the attention of other investors.

These investors are still happy to take advantage of the low price of the altcoin, because they are convinced that the PEPE coin price will recover, precisely because whales keep and buy their PEPE coins.

But why do whales still stick with PEPE? As a meme coin, PEPE has no real uses and its price is mainly based on the support of the community. However, new exchange listings are expected for PEPE on, for example, Binance and OKXbut also on BitMart and KuCoin.

The community is pushing hard for another listing on the major exchange Coinbase, but if it stays away, there isn’t much that could stabilize the PEPE price and we will also see the meme coin fade into obscurity.

But can traders still rely on PEPE’s potency enough, or is it already time to look further for the next new trending cryptos? Not that it takes a long time to search. Crypto projects are springing up like mushrooms one after the other, so of course some other nice alternatives have appeared.

The new crypto coin $COPIUM also made giant leaps shortly after its launch and the presale meme coin AiDoge has also been doing well for a while.

Is AiDoge the next big riser in the meme coin market?

AiDoge’s meme generator platform has caught the attention of traders since the first announcements. In addition, AiDoge is also a little bit different from other meme coins, in that it not only relies on community support but actually has a use case.

Once the platform is launched, AiDoge will allow you to generate memes based on a text prompt you provide. Based on an extensive meme and crypto database, an AI creates a meme with your prompt, which you can be 100% sure is a completely unique meme. Even if you gave the same prompt again, the AI ​​would present you with a different, new meme.

You can share your memes on the platform with the community, who can then vote for their favorite memes. It is tracked on a leaderboard and the memes with the most votes earn rewards in the form of AiDoge’s token: $AI.

With these tokens you can then buy credits, with which you can use the meme generator again. This means that you will first have to buy some $AI tokens before you can participate on the platform.

You can also use the $AI tokens to stake, which also earns you credits and gives you access to unique features of the platform.

Since the start of the presale at the end of April, sales have been going fast. So fast that the token can already be sold out and listed on exchanges before June 1!

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$COPIUM buyers can take advantage of airdrop

$COPIUM is a meme token that is less than a week old and is already showing explosive price increases, similar to what we have seen with PEPE. In just the first 30 minutes after launch, the price grew x9, which immediately gave early investors returns of around 1000%.

This is partly due to well-organized hype events in advance and the participation of several big names within the crypto industry who brought $COPIUM to the attention of thousands of their followers.

In addition, the community of $COPIUM is very passionate about their support for the meme coin and the project’s NFT and token airdrop competition is also a real draw for curious investors.

The supporters of $COPIUM are convinced that the meme coin can become the next PEPE, but they are also doing everything they can to make this happen. For example, by means of a smart strategy, they draw a collection of well-known and influential crypto glitterati into the hype, who together have millions of Twitter followers.

$COPIUM originally comes from the words ‘cope’ and ‘opium’, which is a reference to a fictional gas drug to inhale that crypto degenerates would use to cope with their losses.

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