iOS 16.5 is Out: Download the Update Today!

Apple just released iOS 16.5 for the iPhone. What’s new in this update? And how can you download this latest version of iOS 16 as soon as possible?

iOS 16.5

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iOS 16.5: Here’s what’s new

iOS 16.5 is a relatively small interim update that mainly revolves around subtle improvements and bug fixes. Still, iOS 16.5 has new features. These are the most notable:

1) New Pride wallpaper for your lock screen

Pride celebration wallpaper

Apple announced an Apple Watch Pride 2023 band last week – it will be in stores at the end of May. In addition, there is a matching watch face and an iPhone wallpaper with the colors of the Pride flag. And anyone with iOS 16.5 can set it up for free!

The band, the dial and the background contain five other colors in addition to the rainbow colors, Apple explains. “Black and brown as a symbol for black and Hispanic communities and the victims of HIV/AIDS and people living with HIV/AIDS, and light blue, pink and white as a symbol for transgender and non-binary people.”

2) Have Siri take a screenshot

Until now, to make a screen recording (video of what is happening on your iPhone screen), you first had to put a special button in your control panel. That is no longer necessary: ​​from now on you can also ask Siri to make a screen recording. It seems that Apple is gradually rolling out this option, so it won’t work for you right away.

That’s about it as far as the innovations are concerned – there are still some extra functions for the News app, but we don’t have those in the Netherlands. You can read Apple’s full release notes at the bottom of this post. It is not surprising at this stage that there are so few real innovations. iOS 16.5 is one of the last versions of iOS 16. For really big new features, you’ll have to wait for iOS 17, which is likely to release in mid-September. You can read more about this in our dossier on iOS 17:

Want to know more about iOS 17?

View this file

Download iOS 16.5

The update icon will automatically appear in your iPhone’s Settings app sometime in the next few days or weeks. Keep tapping on the red icon and it will automatically take you where you need to be.

Don’t want to wait and download iOS 16.5 today? That is also possible. You can find the iOS update via ‘Settings>General>Software update’.

Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network during the download and installation and that your iPhone is sufficiently charged or connected to the charger.

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iOS 16.5 release notes from Apple

  • A new “Pride Party” background for the lock screen that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and culture.
  • Fixed an issue where Spotlight might stop responding.
  • Fixed an issue where Podcasts in CarPlay might not load content
  • Fixed an issue where Screen Time settings might reset or not sync across devices.

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