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It is weekend! Time to spend some time in the kitchen. But what are you going to make? Whether you’re cooking for yourself or hosting guests, this weekend menu is sure to impress.

Greek menu

Because we miss summer so much, we are putting a Greek menu on the table this weekend. We make the tastiest dishes at home with Greek seasonings such as halloumi and feta. How about shrimp ‘Spetsiota’ and homemade kataifi? Just looking at the photos makes us almost imagine ourselves on the Greek islands. With this menu you bring the real Mediterranean feeling into your home. So go turn on typical Greek music and bring the sun into your home!

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Spetsiota refers to the Greek island of Spetses, where they find their seafood to be known for. To be fair, these shrimps taste best with your feet in the sand and the sun on your head. But don’t let that stop you from trying the recipe at home because with this starter you get a little holiday at home. Serve it with baguette and lemon wedges.

> to the recipe: shrimp ‘Spetsiota’

Shrimp 'Spetsiota'

Main dish

Halloumi is Greek through and through. We love this all-rounder because it makes every dish just that little bit better. This also applies to this main course where the halloumi steals the show. The Greek seasonings honey and pomegranate seeds complete the whole.

> to the recipe: honey sesame halloumi with jalapeño yoghurt and tabbouleh

Honey sesame halloumi with jalapeño yogurt and tabbouleh greek menu

Dessert from the Greek menu

Kataifi is Greek for spun dough. The thread-like structure of this pastry is therefore typically Greek. The delicacy related to baklava is very sweet, but oh so tasty. We make it with walnuts and pistachio; the perfect mix of sweet, crunchy and buttery. Serve with a cup of strong tea and you have the perfect conclusion to your Greek menu.

> to the recipe: kataifi with pistachio and walnuts

greek menu

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