HRC plays for the National Championship

After the Crows sang the new HRC club song from the terrace, every conceivable blue-orange brazier had been set off and our Toss Turven put the ball on the center line, HRC started in pretty much the strongest lineup imaginable. Our home team expected a close match and were eager to grab every point. So David Weersma kicked the first penalty on the posts in 2nd: 3-0. In the 8th minute he repeated that trick (6-0) and in the 16th minute it was Amir Rademaker who brought the oval behind the line after a nice site step. The conversion managed to let David disappear between the posts again and with that The Hague was nice and loose: 13-0. But in the 24th, The Hague had to make do with one man less due to a yellow card. The difference between the two teams was small and so that was the prelude to the inevitable try of van ‘t Gooi. The conversion was also good (13-7). In the 31st minute, however, David Weersma managed to gather some points again through a drop goal 16-7 and in the 35th minute Siem Noorman let the board rise (without conversion) to 21-7. Just before half-time, another try from The Hague followed with conversion, so that the teams went into half-time 28-7.

Gooi, however, had come just as well for a place in the final. With the wind at their backs, they brought the oval behind the line in the 8th minute after the break. And although the conversion was erased, the connection was there: 28-12. 2 minutes later, HRC – despite the heavy pressure from the visitors – ran a little further, as the penalty kick for HRC disappeared between the posts: 31-12. From that moment on, ‘t Gooi pounded permanently on the defense of The Hague. The Hague wall dropped another hole in the 14th minute and Gooi scored another try without conversion (31-17). When HRC got another yellow card, Gooi took advantage again (31-24). With only 1 try difference, HRC – again one man less due to another 1x yellow – had to pull out all the stops. Along the line, the public in The Hague no longer had it. The final whistle was very welcome and was met with deafening cheers. Final score 31-24: HRC is FINALIST together with RC Eemland!

Editorial: HRC
Photo: Frank van der Leer – SportSnap

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