How Log4Shell continues to haunt us in 2023

It’s not over yet with Log4Shell. The exploitation of a vulnerability in logging software Log4j provided at the end of 2021 for many problems. The entire cybersecurity world was in turmoil. Almost every organization was at risk, whether they were aware of it or not. We asked no less than 17 security experts about the current state of affairs regarding Log4Shell. Many of these experts do their own research. What risks still exist, about a year and a half after the disclosure of the vulnerability? How active is its exploitation? And above all: how do you arm yourself as an organization against such security risks?

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In these Techzine Talks, Coen and Sander take a closer look at Log4Shell in 2023. They reflect on how it came to this, what Log4Shell was again and how things stand today. Techzine editor Erik van Klinken took care of most of the research and is joining us to share his findings in Techzine Talks. For those who prefer to read, Erik wrote the following article about it: Log4Shell in 2023: hard impact still reverberates.

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