How do you train for 70 minutes on the 10 kilometers?

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On Prorun there are several articles with tips to become faster. For example, 9 tips to run 10 kilometers in 45 minutes or 5 kilometers in 30 minutes.

Under one article was a message from Astrid. She wondered why slower runners were not included, precisely because, according to Astrid, there are many runners who take longer than 60 minutes to run 10 kilometers.

And indeed: on Prorun the tips and articles stop at 5 kilometers in half an hour or 10 kilometers in an hour. The reasoning was: most runners take between 35 and 60 minutes to run a ten kilometer. Runners who take less than 35 minutes or longer than an hour to cover ten kilometers therefore fall outside the scope of Prorun.

At the editorial office we wondered how many runners run above an hour out of ten because of the above reaction.

We tested the sum at the Bijlmerrun

At the beginning of May there was a beautiful 10 kilometers in the Bijlmer. Nice weather, lots of people along the way and a beautiful medal. We dived into the results.

629 participants.

2 (!) runners were faster than 35 minutes.

209 (!) walked for more than an hour.

Astrid is right (at least at the Bijlmerrun). There are quite a lot more runners who run above the hour than runners who run under 35 minutes.

It’s high time for some tips for a ten kilometer under 70 minutes.

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