How do you get more rest in your head and body?

Sometimes there is just too much turmoil in your body and mind. You keep worrying, pacing around your house and seeing future situations go wrong.

Sometimes there seems to be no end to it and you wonder if this will all work out…

Yet there are ways to get more rest in your body and mind and I want to give you some tips about that today. Give it a chance and you will see that you can really relax.

How do you get more rest in your head and body?  In the photo: woman with hands in zen position.

Understand what you’re doing wrong and fix it

Well, many people say that they can come up with this themselves. Only at the same time, many people are completely unaware of what exactly is going on.

Often we become restless of our own behavior. For example, if you have to give action on a problem and do not do so. Or if you say YES too much, but need to say no more. Maybe you have a certain belief that doesn’t serve you at all.

This is what we call saboteurs. They are often old coping mechanisms that we have forgotten to clean up. Maybe once saying YES a lot was a good way to be accepted, but the older you get, the less it serves you.

You can see it this way: If you do too much of one, do the other. If you start to make this change at a certain point, you will notice that there is more and more peace in your body and mind. Why? Because you are authentic to yourself. There is little or no inner conflict anymore, so you have more peace.

The more authentic life also provides energy and inspiration. Certainly inspiration is the engine of an energetic and fulfilled life.

Say yes to silence

Silence is something special. On the one hand you can say, something that is silent, how can you experience it? Hard to say, the fact is that it can be experienced.

Not only can you experience it, but your (unprocessed) emotions are also resolved with it. Not all at once, but at some point.

But how do you create silence? Go for a walk in nature – which is soothing in itself – and hear and feel if you can experience silence. If you manage to experience silence, even just a little bit, try to focus on that.

Bathe yourself in that stillness so that it can grow stronger. May this become your new home and the moment this becomes your new home, your emotions will subside and a blissful feeling will enter your body and mind.

Live in the here and Now

Silence is a quality of the here and Now. Because, we are often in thoughts, we don’t notice it anymore. Our thoughts are often about the past or the future and we create tension and stress in our body and mind.

Everyone knows the consequences of that. The only question is how do you get into the Now? There are several ways to do this and two have already been described above.

A quick way to get into the now is to watch your own thoughts and emotions from a distance. This is also described in the course of Rosalie van Gils, of which I wrote my own review.

There she learns the same. If I ask you; are you your thoughts or the one watching them? What would you say then? Most people say I am my thoughts. But is that really so?

If it was, we wouldn’t be able to talk about it. Just think for 2 seconds don’t you? Then are you still there? So apparently we are the observer of our thoughts.

Now that we’ve established this, we can start actively observing our thoughts and storylines. Every time you get caught up in a storyline, pull yourself out and tell yourself, It’s just thoughts, not reality.

At a certain point because you give less energy to your thoughts, you give more energy to the present moment, so that the present moment can be experienced more.

The Now is a good medicine for stress and anxiety that settle in the body and mind. After all, here there is no past and future, but silence, positivity and joy.

What will that do to your body and mind?…

Right, it will start to relax more.

Another way to get more into the Now is to feel more your body there, especially the inner body. The moment you start to feel your body and then preferably your legs or feet, then the thoughts immediately stop or diminish and you come more into the present moment.

And we know what the present moment does to stress, fear and anxiety. So take advantage of it!

Examine your beliefs that are troubling you

This is a way developed by Byron Katie. We can find out by examining our beliefs that they are often not true at all. In fact, we often find ourselves projecting onto those other people.

Her method is as follows. Find out what belief is now taking you out of the present moment and causing you stress. Then question that belief.

  1. Is it true?
  2. Am I 100% sure it’s true?
  3. How do you react when you take that belief for granted?
  4. Who would I be if I didn’t have that belief?
  5. How can I reverse that belief? For example: My best friend doesn’t like me? Could be: I don’t like my best friend.

The most important thing you can get out of this is that you notice that many beliefs are not true. In fact, for me, the whole world of thought is not true. For some, that’s a bridge too far and that’s fine. It is important for you to notice that certain limiting beliefs are not true.

Can you imagine when you no longer have those beliefs, what peace you will get in your body and mind? The stress will dissolve almost immediately and I speak from experience.

How do you get more peace in your mind and body?


This is a somewhat alternative view of how you can get more rest in your body and brain. The internet is flooded with the same advice and tips. Not that they don’t work, they often do, but often for a while.

You need more in-depth exercises to take the stress out. Hopefully I was able to contribute a bit to that today and leave you a little more relaxed.

Good luck!

Lucas van Wateringen

PS. Also read my article: 13 Tips against chronic stress

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