How can I love myself more? Tips for more self love!

We work to love ourselves more so that we can overcome our limiting thoughts and live a life that is truly fulfilling. Self-love allows you to experience a new level of security and happiness in life. That’s why we talk so often about how important it is to love ourselves (more). Many get no further than talking about it, because practicing self-love in word and deed can be challenging.

Loving yourself more is a must!

In practice, we look outside ourselves for love, because as a child we experienced that stability and love come from outside. We received rewards for our good deeds. The truth is that the love you seek as an adult can only come from within.

Therefore, no affection from another person will make you feel whole, and you will never feel safe if you lack confidence in your own ability as a human being. But in practice, how can you make your actions reflect self-love and feel more confident? That’s what this blog is about. With tips and tools to help you get started when it comes to self love.

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About self love

Life tends to just happen: it doesn’t ask you about the future. ‘Life just happens’. Days become weeks and weeks become months. As this happens, we – without soaking it – distance ourselves more and more from the source and fuel of our existence: self-love.

How do you practice self love?
First of all, give yourself a break. Take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug and start learning how to love yourself more.

Self love should be a priority

Self love is about taking time to listen to yourself, nurture your dreams and goals, (re)activate your authentic desires and recharge on yourself. It means that you live your life from an honest commitment to yourself and everything that is dear to you – and dare to set healthy boundaries for the world around you.

Why is self love so important (woman making heart for her face.

“In a life that moves faster than light, it’s easy to switch to autopilot and live completely numb.”

As days quickly turn into months and years, it’s easy to become detached from your true needs and lack clarity about your emotional well-being and lose connection with your intuition.

In other words: the marriage between your heart and mind ends up in troubled waters. If you don’t make a conscious connection between your heart and mind, you will have a hard time creating a life where you can realize your full potential. The result? You are faced with doubts, frustrations, fears, impatience, uncertainty and the feeling that you are stuck, you are not moving forward.

“As an expert in emotional intelligence, I regularly talk about one of the greatest building blocks we possess: our bodies!”

The body serves not only as a means of participating in this world, but also as the main channel for communicating our intentions and realizing our desires and heart’s desires. Our body is home to an energy system that creates an energy field made up of everything we are – thoughts, choices, memories, emotions, wisdom, experiences, and most importantly, the presence and energy of love.

The body acts as a “radio signal” that transmits your frequency. Your thoughts, emotions, choices and actions. You consciously or unconsciously communicate with your body about where you are in life and where you want and will go based on that. This is what may and will manifest in your life.

“Bad life pattern manifests ill health, impatience manifests poor results – effort manifests growth.”

Sometimes we face a life crisis that forces us to change our attitude to life, take better care of ourselves, practice more self-love and thus manifest our heart’s desires.

Perhaps you have already experienced this in your own life or in the lives of others around you. For example, someone dealing with a breakup, the loss of a loved one or a job, or facing their mortality due to illness. These events can push us to make a significant positive change in our lives.

“The basis of this change is always one and the same for everyone: living from more self-love.”

So the crisis works as a conscious ‘message’ to life, a message that says: “Hey, not this anymore. That is what I want. ” You have much more clarity about who you are, what you want and indicate this with integrity from a clear connection between your intuition and body, mind to heart.

Emotional neglect of yourself

Neglecting ourselves emotionally is a trap many of us fall into. Know that if you neglect your own needs, you are leaving the course of your life to chance in the hope of blessing for lasting success. This is an attitude to life founded on a slope of slippery ice. With this tactic you try to string together as many coincidences as possible and hope to imitate a ‘kind’ of success and happiness.

“Hope is an expectation based on desire.”

Basing your life on hope alone reflects a lack of planning and control in your life. It leaves you waiting for change and direction from an outside source and we know that rarely matches 1-to-1 with the destination that would probably want to manifest itself.

“To come into our power, we must learn to hope in tandem with taking committed action.”

Take an honest inventory of your achievements, setbacks, and goals you’ve experienced and set out in the previous period. This is a powerful foundation for creating changes in your life – a practice that aligns your thoughts, emotions, and actions with your true heart’s desires with the intention of living more out of self-love.

With this understanding and clear reflection it is now possible to take advantage of opportunities, what has worked in the past you can now further use and what did not work, you adjust or you choose to let go of it completely.

The more clarity and focus you create about where you are in your life, where you want to go, and the habits that help or hinder you, the better you will be able to make conscious choices about nurturing, guarding, and committing to your goals and deepest desires of your heart.

“Do you want your tomorrow to be better than your yesterday? Go ‘within’, write down your intentions for the future and start honoring your heart’s desires – in the name of self-love.”

Tips and tricks to help you on your way:
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