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More and more sailors find their way to Sweden in the summer. Their enthusiasm is contagious. In the west you scrape between the skerries, on the east coast you will find hidden gems such as Lake Mälaren. The landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful and the traditional Toast Skagen is delicious. Do you also want to go to Sweden? In Sailing edition 05/2023, Wietze and Janneke give practical tips and share striking facts.

There are three routes from the Netherlands to Sweden. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. First of all, you can sail above Denmark to the west coast of Sweden. That’s a relatively quick option. You lie then within three days in a Swedish port. The second option is a bit slower: you sail to Thyborøn in Denmark and go via the Limfjord straight through northern Denmark to the Kattegat and then on to Sweden. The third option: through the Kiel Canal to Denmark and on to the southern coast of Sweden. The first two routes require a few nights of cruising; the third can be done in day trips.
With the prevailing southwest wind it is always relatively easy to get to Sweden. Most sailors find the return trip more difficult: after all, you either have to cross against the same southwest wind, or be patient and wait for a weather hole with a slightly more favorable wind. It is therefore wise to try to get to your first destination as quickly as possible, preferably as far as possible. Then you can sail back in peace, using the options that the weather offers you.

Where’s the fun?

The three favorite sailing areas in Sweden are: the east and west coast, and the Göta Canal.
West coast. The west coast is the least known of the three and that is unjustified. You can have a wonderful foraging between the small, rocky islands, also called skerries, and there are nice places to visit.
The most interesting part is between Strömstad in the north and the end of the archipelago, just south of Gothenburg. Fjällbacka, for example, is a nice and lively fishing village. Further south is the island of Orust, where you can sail ‘behind’. Many shipyards are close to each other on that island: the famous Swedish quality boats are made here.
Marstrand is the sailing mecca of this coast; many competitions are organized in the summer. The huge transient harbor is strategically located and is very convenient as an arrival or departure port from Sweden. Here you again have the choice to sail to the Netherlands via the Skagerrak, return via the Limfjord or sail south to cross the Kiel Canal via Denmark.
The city of Gothenburg is versatile: there is a lot to see and do. You can also find many facilities for the boat here. It is also the start or end point of a route that many sailors have on their bucket list: the Göta Canal.

Sailing 05/2023

Are you curious about the rest of the story? Why are the east coast and the Göta Canal also favorite cruising areas? What is there to do in Sweden? What is a (not such a) crazy thought? How much time do you need to arrive in Sweden? What about the weather? And do you want to find out all kinds of tips & tricks? You read it all in Sailing 05/2023. Buy the issue here online in the webshop or read (the article) To sail digital here. The edition is also available in stores until Wednesday 24 May. And do you want to read these kinds of stories every month from now on? Become a subscriber here.

Cover photo and photo: Wietze van der Laan and Janneke Kuysters
Text: Wietze van der Laan and Janneke Kuysters

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